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Penn Bookstore Holiday Gift List

Author: Stephanie Yee, C08

I can’t seem to walk into the Penn Bookstore without leaving with some new Penn gear. Here are a few of my favorites. Check out the following list if you’re still looking for some last minute gifts.


Logo Fit Polar Knit Earband – Perfect for the cold weather!

Logo Fit Polar Knit Earband – Perfect for the cold weather!


Under Armour Women’s Mesh Tank – I’m obviously dreaming about warm running weather

Under Armour Women’s Mesh Tank – I’m obviously dreaming about warm running weather

Penn Jansport Newbury Women’s Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Penn Jansport Newbury Women’s Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Forty Seven Brand Stepback Knit Hat – Who can resist this warm and fuzzy red and blue winter hat?

Forty Seven Brand Stepback Knit Hat – Who can resist this warm and fuzzy red and blue winter hat?

Global Neckwear Woven Stripe Penn Silk Tie – Perfect for any tie-wearing Penn alum

Global Neckwear Woven Stripe Penn Silk Tie – Perfect for any tie-wearing Penn alum


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Association of Alumnae Colloquium – October 10, 2013


Penn’s Association of Alumnae will be hosting a Colloquium on Thursday evening, October 10, 2013.  The colloquium will be the culmination of the Association’s year-long celebration of 100 years, the theme of which is  “Honoring the Past and Engaging the Future”.  The details of the event are still being fine-tuned, but some information has been confirmed and is listed below . . .

Thursday, October 10, 2013
On Campus Location  – TBD

5:00-5:30 pm:  Registration

5:30-6:30 pm:  Presentations by three brilliant Penn alumnae . . .

  • Dr. Angela Duckworth, G03 GR06
  • Dr. Beverly Emanuel, CW62 GR72

  • Salamishah Tillet, C96 G04

Q&A Session

6:30-8:00 pm:  Post-panel Reception


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Golf in Red and Blue

Author: Stephanie Yee, C08

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities like golf. There’s no better way to show off your Quaker pride than to dress in red and blue next time you’re out on the golf course. This display at Golf Galaxy just screams “Go Quakers!”

Plenty of red and blue outfit options to show off your Quaker pride on the golf course.

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Dressed in Red and Blue

Author: Stephanie Yee, C’08

As I was walking down Walnut Street yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice all of the red and blue clothing in the store windows. Stripes, polka dots, solids. So much red! So much blue! There is no better time to stock up on red and blue attire. You never know when you will want everyone in the room to know which team you are rooting for in the game of the year.

Red and blue striped "Fresh Prep Pencil Skirt" from Juicy Couture

Red and blue polka dot dress from H&M.


Red pleated trench coat from Gap.

Blue straight leg jeans from Ann Taylor Loft.

Show your true Penn colors this spring season. Hurrah, for the Red and Blue!

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Back To Penn Fashion: Paintbrush Edition

Author: Leigh Ann P.

You know you’ve been there.  You see a notable piece of fashion – be it adorable or abomination – and you long to capture it on film, but do you dare?  Before the unsuspecting fashion plate in question walks too far ahead of you, do you have time to root around in your over-sized tote looking for your cell phone that somehow always manages to find its way to the very bottom; past old, crumpled up Wawa receipts, empty water bottles and your glasses case containing the eyewear you never bother to fish out – otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the 12 bus instead of the 21 today?  And even if you do manage to grab it in time, will you be inconspicuous enough?  Or are you a klutz who can’t keep a secret?

Maybe you’re smooth and you think you can just walk up to someone and tell her, “Hey, we’d like to photograph you for the Penn Alumni blog’s back-to-school fashion post I’m working on.”  Newsflash: this is awkward and no one will believe that you work for that illustrious online publication – that Daily Intel-Slate-NY Times-Perez Hiltonesque amalgam of the Penn Alumni community.

Which is why we are bringing you Frankly Penn’s first-ever Back To Penn Fashion post illustrated entirely in paintbrush!

First up: Last week, we saw a Penn student sitting on a bench near Locust Walk, and she was wearing a pair of clunky-heeled Mary Janes.  Mary Janes and clunky heels had a good run in the ’90s, and frankly, we welcome them back with open arms.  So long, stilettos!  You won’t find yourself interlocked with a sidewalk grate in these puppies!  Added bonus: clunky heels will change the proportion of the line of your leg, and instantly remove most traces of cankles.  This student was also wearing socks, so we are pretty sure she was going for a full-on Anthropologie look (one of our fave stores – the flagship mansion is at 18th & Walnut, if you’re interested).

Our next Back to School fashion trend we’ve noticed this September is one that has, in fact, been a perennial favorite around college campuses all across this country for at least the last half-century.  Does that make it a trend?  Probably yes, in the great scheme of things.  We call it “I Don’t Care Chic,” and we can be sure it will be around as long as all-nighter cramming sessions exist.  The psychology behind this look is one of extraordinary complication and one never knows the true impetus.  Do you really not care?  Or do you just want to look like you don’t care?  Is “not caring” an activity that requires actual effort, and isn’t it ironic when you do put effort into “not caring” because isn’t “not caring” caring?  Or perhaps it’s a comfort thing.  Personally, we would love to come to work in sweat pants!  We are glad these students are enjoying this dress code-free time in their lives. 

We couldn’t write a blog post about early-fall fashion and leave out cargo shorts.  Mostly we wanted to see if we could successfully draw cargo shorts using paintbrush.  Lex Ruby Howe C’07 thinks the pockets look like little people.  We think they’re awesome.  What do you think?

The fashion trend making the biggest statement this season – and every season – on this campus are the Penn gear staples.  You can’t strut a brick on Locust Walk without spotting packs of students wearing their pride on their sleeves in their Penn sweatshirts, t-shirts, belts, ties, tote bags, hats, gym clothes, flip-flops, and more! 

Join the Penn fashion movement!  You can purchase all the Penn gear your red-and-blue-bleeding heart desires on the Penn Bookstore website.  Go Quakers!


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Shopping for Penn Colors

By: Stephanie Y., C’08

Red and blue is the best color combination.  I am sure you all agree.  When I am shopping, I always keep my eye out for red and blue clothing because there is no such thing as too much red and blue.  I have seen (and purchased) red and blue striped polo shirts, red and blue argyle socks, and blue sweaters to match my red blouses. Today, I saw this pair of sunglasses on display:

I bought the same pair of sunglasses last month, but mine are solid black.  When I saw this pair in red and blue, I almost bought them.  I could use two pairs of sunglasses, right?  No, I do not need two pairs of the same sunglasses…but they’re PENN COLORS.  They are the same style as the pair I already own…but they’re PENN COLORS.  They are quite expensive…but they’re PENN COLORS (this argument usually wins).  I was tempted, but in the end, I decided to walk away from the sunglasses.  It’s too bad because I could really use a pair of red and blue sunglasses to go with my red and blue Penn running hat.


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Penn Buttons

Author: Stephanie Yee, C’08

Alumni Weekend 2011 was a huge success! The rain held off for Saturday’s parade, and I partied the night away at the Class of 1971’s 40th reunion. I even set a personal record on Saturday: between the picnic, Taste of Penn, and the 40th reunion, I ate five types of mac ‘n cheese that day. All-around success!

As I toted around my blue and red Penn Alumni bag, I started collecting Penn Alumni buttons around campus. First, I got the “I Met My Best Friend at Penn” button. Since their debut, the “I Met My…” buttons have been a huge hit with the alumni. Everyone met a best friend at Penn, right? (Great idea, Elizabeth!)

Best Friend Button

I received two more buttons at the Penn Admissions Open House: a Button button (you know, the Button in front of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library) and a University of Pennsylvania Alumni Representative button. I started pinning the buttons to my name tag lanyard until I decided I would look silly with three buttons hanging around my neck (this coming from the same person who wore the Locust Walk Homecoming Run medal during all of Homecoming Weekend 2010. What can I say – I bleed red and blue, and I love medals). On Saturday, I picked up a Proud Penn Donor button at the picnic on Hill Field. Button count up to four.

Button Collection to Date

Now that Alumni Weekend is over, I need a creative way to display all of my Penn buttons. Any suggestions?


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Hey Day and the Final Toast: April 2011

Author: Lex Ruby Howe, C’07, GED’13

Penn students celebrated the 95th annual Hey Day yesterday, with the Class of 2012 advancing to “senior” status as the senior Class of 2011 were welcomed into the Penn Alumni community at the third annual Final Toast.

The Class of 2012 Processes Down Locust Walk

The Final Toast featured a beer-garden, food from Penn’s famous food trucks – Magic Carpet, Sugar Philly, and Guapo Taco by Jose Garces – as well as the Mask & Wig Band, the Bloomers Band, and DJ Rico.

Juniors and Seniors Converge

A special appearance by President Amy Gutmann made the event truly remarkable. Gutmann joined the Mask & Wig band on stage for a brilliant rendition of “Son of a Preacher Man.”

Final Toasters with Dr. Gutmann

Many on campus are calling this one of the cleanest and safest Hey Days they’ve seen in years – the tradition of celebration is coming back!

The Tradition Continues

You can view the latest photos from Hey Day here. Enjoy!

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Fling Has Flung!

Author: Molly Sloss, SAS’14

That’s right, this past weekend was Penn’s most famous celebration—Spring Fling. The entire student body crowded the quad for fried Oreos and student performances. We flocked to Franklin Field to party with Fiasco and Flo Rida and on Sunday morning shared in the mournful act of putting our neon back in the closet.

Photo credit: The Daily Pennsylvanian

As a freshman, my first fling was certainly memorable. I got to wear my neon purple leggings without judgment for the first time. I took the weekend off from homework. But the most important thing about fling was that I was doing it with 10,000 other undergrads. This was the first time I’d seen Penn’s student body come together as a whole. The energy was inescapable.

There was a moment at the concert when I had to take my eyes off of Lupe Fiasco, and turn around. I looked behind me and saw 3 sections full of students, screaming an a capella version of “Superstar,” all waving their arms at the same time. All of us. Together. Of all the things we could be doing together, jammin’ to lupe fiasco isn’t the most impressive. But at that moment, I didn’t feel like a freshman, or an Urban Studies major, or a student in the College. I was just a Penn student, on equal ground with everyone else, partaking in possibly the most quintessential Quaker experience ever. And it felt fling-tastic.

Check out the fling-stivities video and slideshow to see for yourself!

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Project 1/30 – April

Author: Kelly Porter O’Connor

Some of you may have heard of Project 365 – where you take one photo a day to document your life. Well, this is project 1/30 where I will take a photo (or two) to document one day a month at Penn.

With a little thing called Alumni Weekend around the corner, the majority of my month is spent in the good old Franklin Building, which is indeed not the most desired place to spend your warm spring days! At the first sign of a sunny day I somehow find my way to Locust Walk. Yesterday just happened to be that day. Featured here is the image I selected to represent April. What does it mean to you?

Spring on Locust Walk

For me, this image represents one of the most beautiful days, when campus really comes alive. Daffodils are in full bloom, the sun is shining and Locust Walk is flooded with the bustle of our Penn community. The prayer tent is up, observing this week’s holidays, student-led tours for potential freshman are at every corner, folks are out on the Green enjoying the sun shining through the trees, and, of course, we get our first sightings of flip flops (and for some, the lack thereof…)!

The first true sign of spring: flip-flops


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