Shopping for Penn Colors

By: Stephanie Y., C’08

Red and blue is the best color combination.  I am sure you all agree.  When I am shopping, I always keep my eye out for red and blue clothing because there is no such thing as too much red and blue.  I have seen (and purchased) red and blue striped polo shirts, red and blue argyle socks, and blue sweaters to match my red blouses. Today, I saw this pair of sunglasses on display:

I bought the same pair of sunglasses last month, but mine are solid black.  When I saw this pair in red and blue, I almost bought them.  I could use two pairs of sunglasses, right?  No, I do not need two pairs of the same sunglasses…but they’re PENN COLORS.  They are the same style as the pair I already own…but they’re PENN COLORS.  They are quite expensive…but they’re PENN COLORS (this argument usually wins).  I was tempted, but in the end, I decided to walk away from the sunglasses.  It’s too bad because I could really use a pair of red and blue sunglasses to go with my red and blue Penn running hat.



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2 responses to “Shopping for Penn Colors

  1. goes double for me, since I am both a Penn alum and a Red Sox fan!

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