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Meet Gulnur Kukenova: Penn Alumni’s Newest Graduate Assistant

By: Gulnur Kukenova, GED19
Graduate Assistant for Penn Alumni Relations

Hey everybody! My name is Gulnur Kukenova and I am the new graduate assistant for Penn Alumni Office.

I just moved from Kazakhstan with my family a month ago and this month was full of new information and meeting with wonderful people. It took about 15 years to apply and become a part of Penn. And now I am HERE! (Woohoo!)


This year promises to be challenging as well as much enriched with knowledge for me. It is a great feeling of inspiration when I am sitting in one class with ones of the smartest and the most collaborative people from all around the world. This year I will definitely learn a lot both from my classmates who have wonderful backgrounds and different stories that shaped their lives and from the faculty who are a great source in shaping my choices and guiding me to my ideal career path.

I am very excited to get this great opportunity to explore and get to be familiar with the Penn community and especially with Penn Traditions! I am sure that the coming year will be one of the brightest and wonderful years of my life!

Let’s start the year and make it fruitful!


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