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LA Penn Women in Tech Panel Highlights Importance of Women and Other Underrepresented Groups in Growing Field and Shares Career Insights 

By Joanna Popper WG’00Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment at HP


Thanks to the Trustees’ Council Women of University of Pennsylvania and Headspace Inc. for hosting a great conversation on Working in Tech in Los Angeles on June 12, 2018. What a great group with HPSpaceXHyperloop OneFandango and AutoGravity represented. It was fun with fellow panelists, moderator and hosts Meesh Pierce W93 WG98Shari Wakiyama WG’04Stella Latscha ENG13 GEN13Diana Zhou WG’16,Michal Clements W’84WG’89 and Sean Brecker WG’03.


What did we learn: 

  • It is important to create an inclusive environment in this fast-growing field as data shows that women and other underrepresented groups in leadership lead to better products, financials, stock prices, decision-making, and leadership 
  • Careers are often a winding path and it is about learning along the way.
  • There are lots of ways to work in tech. Cutting edge VR, space, media/film, transportation, finance, and meditation industries were all represented at this event as well as engineering, strategy, marketing, business development, operations and more.
  • Always negotiate for a job/ raise/ promotion. Then negotiate more. 
  • Not every culture and company fits every person. That’s OK. Find what works for you. 
  • We also contribute to the culture of a company. Draw your lines in the sand. 
  • Meditation is good for us. 

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’93 to the 25th

By Kiera Reilly, C’93

Despite the rain forcing a relocation of our 20th Reunion Saturday night party from the Junior Balcony indoors to McLelland Hall below, the Class of 1993 had an awesome time at our reunion in May, 2013. After the party ended in the Quad, we all moved downtown to the lobby of the Marriott for our after party in the hotel bar until it closed.

Given the excitement and enthusiasm for our 20th reunion, we knew as the party winded down that our 25th Reunion would be one that no one should miss, and planning for May 2018 started immediately after our 20th ended.

What better way to make sure our class knew the dates of our 25th reunion in 2018 than to count down the weeks until we would reunite on campus again? With that thought, #93tothe25th was born – blog posts every week leading up to our reunion starting with July 29 – 30, 2016, which marked 93 weeks to go until big weekend. Classmates wrote posts, sent us old photos, shared memories of classes, clubs and experiences, and dug through boxes to find course schedules, performing arts and athletic programs, calendars, and old t-shirts from our time at Penn.

And with that, we created 93 posts to mark the 93 weeks leading to the Class of 1993’s 25th Reunion. Thank you to the 189 classmates that contributed to these posts and shared their  memories of Penn.

Here is a list of all 93 posts that led up to one epic 25th reunion for Penn’s Class of 1993, May 11 – 14, 2018.

Penn 1993 class flag on Alumni Day at Penn, May 15, 1993.

Penn 1993 class flag on Alumni Day at Penn, May 15, 1993.

93.   93 Reasons Why We Love Penn

92.   Memories of Penn Reunions

91.   Remembering Campus with Photo Prints

90.   Before There Was Facebook There was the Freshman Record

89.   The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same: The Real Le Anh and Beijing

88.   We Were Merely Freshmen…

87.   Scenes From Freshman Move-In

86.   New Student Week

85.   Tuition Then and Now

84.   Freshman Move-In 2016

83.   Freshman Move-In 1989

82.   The 1992 Election

81.   The Class Schedule and Drop/Add

80.   Mid-Terms, Finals and Blue Books

79.   Homecoming Freshman Year and Missing Tiger Heads

78.   Giving Tuesday and the Class of 1993 Giving to Penn

77.   Freshman Dorms in 1989

76.   Thankful for the Red and the Blue

75.   Penn Planners

74.   Last 250th Anniversary Event – Winter Festival on the Green

73.   Snow at Penn

72.   Day Trippin’ to NYC

71.   Gov. Mario Cuomo Speaks at Penn

70.   Grades in the Mail

69.   A “Billion for Ben” Bag Survives

68.   A Plethora of Performing Arts

67.   Course Registration

66.   Happy 90th Birthday Palestra

65.   The Class of 1993’s Annual Community Service Day at the Netter Center

64.   The Class of 1993’s Community Service Project in NYC

63.   Party at Penn

62.   Welcome to PARIS!

61.   Reflections on “Protesting”

60.   Spring Fling Concerts

59.   Student Bands at Fling

58.   The DP Joke Issue

57.   Hey Deja Vu

56.   Friendships Formed in the Quad

55.   A Huge Penn Banner

54.   Tickets From Penn

53.   Penn 1993 Celebrates Hey Day

52.   Class of 1993 – One Year Until We Celebrate

51.   Where Have We Been?

50.  Our Ivy Stone

49.  What Happens at Alumni Weekend?

48.  Commencement 1993

47. Summer Re-Boot for Penn 1993

46. Hey Now, Highball!

45. The Daily Pennsylvanian Welcomes the Class of 1993 to Penn

44.  CUPID Be Still My Heart

43.  Remembering the Underground Cafe

42.  Jump Around! Jump Up! Jump Up and Get Down!

41.  Penn 1-9-9-3

40.  We Shall Find a Way in 1893

39.  Remembering Arthur Ashe Speaking at Penn

38.  Penn T-Shirts Survive

37.  More Dorm Rooms and T-Shirts

36.  She’s a Survivor!

35.  Who You Gonna Call?

34.  Planning for the Return of 1993!

33.  Pizza! Pizza!

32.  Into the Void

31.  Paper Memories from M&T

30.  Mark it on the Calendar

29.  Letters from Penn

28.  Penn Sweatshirts Survive a Quarter Century

27. Script Penn – A Penn Band Homecoming Tradition

26.  Photo Memories of Penn

25.  Penn vs. Cornell Football 1992

24.  Why We Give – Giving Tuesday with Penn 1993

23.  Class of 1993 – Photos from Yesterday

22.  Bulkpacks and History Classes

21.  Applying to Penn Nursing? Read This First

20.  Smoke’s – The Pennstitution

19. Philadelphia – The Living Breathing Heart of a Penn Education

18.  See You in Church!

17.  1993 Fondly Remembers OSL’s Albert Moore

16.  Remembering Tough Seasons with Penn Football

15.  Photos, Videos and Songs of Penn 1993

14.  Penn Class of 1993 Remembers Penn vs. Princeton Basketball

13.  Penn Love Connections

Penn Love Connections – Part 1

Penn Love Connections – Part 2

Penn Love Connections – Part 3

Penn Love Connections – Part 4

Penn Love Connections – Part 5

12.  Trying to Remember Feb Club

11. Commencement Again – 25 Years Later

10.  College of Arts & Sciences Graduation Ceremonies in 1993 Preserved on Video

9.  Caught Up in March Madness in 1993

8.  Penn 1993 Continues Tradition of Community Service

7.  Getting a Start in Political Polling Thanks to Frank Luntz

6.  Ivy Day in 1993

5.  The ’93 Second Survey Results

4. Fling was Flung

3. Sharing Memories with Classmates

2. Senior Week 1993

1. Penn Commencement 1993

#93tothe25th #PRLC18 Penn Alumni

Kiera Reilly, Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro, Kysha Harris, Jon Treitler, Kristin Haskel Simms, Leila Graham-Willis, Lisa Nass Grabelle, Jennifer Rizzi, Jennifer Eisenberg Bernstein, Valerie Broadwin Mutterperl, Rachel Greenberg and Jason Pantzer

Thank you to our 1993 classmates who contributed to our #93tothe25th posts:

Onyango “Yang” Adija, Aimee Alexander, Marnie Goldman Altman, Paul Altman, Cindy Dauber Anapolsky, Jeff Anapolsky, James Asali, Jackie Einstein Astrof, Josh Astrof, Amy Chen Aubrecht, Brett Barth, Julie Berliner Bell, Steve Bell, Melanie Hirschfelder Berkowitz, Jennifer Bernstein, Karen Grimm Berry, Laurie Bieber, Sonia Biswas, Howard Blecher, Danny Boockvar, Allison Weiss Brady, Derek Braslow, Allison Brody, Marianne Alves Brogdale, Deb Brown, Frank Caccuro, Marty Chazin, Herald Chen, Matthew Cohen, Stephanie Newman Cohen, Zach Conen, Liz Rabii Cribbs, Derek Cribbs, Emily Culbertson, Helen (Punwaney) Currie, Neil Currie, Vvayjayanti Tharmaratnam Desai, Sanjay Desai, Niko Phillips Dias, Martin Dias, Eric Dichter, Elaine Divelbliss, Tanya Dooley-Adija, Alex Dunne, Amy Korn Duque, Brian Eck, Oren Efrati, Eli Faskha, Cicely Fegley, Alan Felder, Mara Turbiner Felder, Brandon Fitzgerald, Allison Feder Fliegler, Brett Fliegler, Darren Fogel, Christine Lutton Foster, David Foster, Carolyn Friedman Frank, Debbie Frank, Josh Frank, Amy Frary, Ed Gold , Brad Goldberg, Stephen Golden, Fred Goltz, Michael Gordon, Jason Gorevic, Lisa Nass Grabelle, Leila Graham-Willis, Maceo Grant, Mike Hardy, Kysha Harris, Hilary Marion Hayes, Ben Hayes, Brooke Hayes, Chrissy Bass Hofbeck, John Hogue, Lisa Luther Housel, Debbie Jaffe, Jennifer Jarrett, Carol Jee, Meredith Grabois Josef, Brian Josef, Stephen Jung, Jeff Kelly, Kerry Kennedy, Peggy Hamm Kingsley, Joe Kopcha, Tom Kopczynski, Mitchell Kraus, Minal Damani Kundra, Joanna Kwa, Elissa Laitin, Chris Lehmann, Stacey Bucholtz Leibowitz, David Leibowitz, Jaci Israel Leit, Howard Levene, Samantha Helman Lichtman, Jeff Lichtman, Jeff Liebert, Ellen Liebman, Caren Lissner, Davis Liu, Steve Livenson, Stephanie Bell Loller, Bill Loller, Paul Luongo, Ken MacFarlane, Betty Magome, Leigh-Ann Maltz-Dichter, Barry Mark, Nicole Weaver Marshall, Steve Marshall, Patrick Matthews, Ruth McIlhenny, Allison Bieber McKibben, Michele Stein Mendoza, Dennis Mendoza, Erica Mobasser, Jean-Pierre Mobasser, Michelle Cousins Mott, Ako Mott, Valerie Broadwin Mutterperl, Monica Muzzi, Dominic Napolitano, Brian C. Newberry, Lisa Noguchi, Jason Pantzer, Kathleen Paralusz, Gene Park, Michelle Peluso, Meesh Joslyn Pierce, Alice Lai Platt, Jefrey Pollock, Bardo Ramirez, Amy Raslevich, Matthew Reeves, Allison Lainey Richards, Mike Rosenband, Andy Roth, James Saint, Eliza Schleifstein, Dorothea Schlosser, Margaret Kane Schoen, Larry Schoen, Dan Schoenholz, Sapna Shah, Lauren Siegel Shannon, Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro, Ari David Sherwood, Lincoln Singleton, Sharon Toback Slotkin, Diana Solash, Allyson Wagner Sonenshine, Michelle Allen Souder, David Souder, Justin Sowers, Jenn Spadano-Gasbarro, Wendy Spander, Sejal Tailor Srinivasan, Naren Srinivasan, Sukanya Srinivasan, Michelle Ducellier Steinbacher, JodiLynne Bayrd Steiner, Debbi Stoll Stern, Brian Stern, Janet Miller Stier, Byron Stier, Julie Avila Stuckman, Mark Sullivan, Allison Davis Talibi, Diana Tapper, Natalie Cutler Taub, Jon Tretler, Ebru Ural, Rachel Wagman, Jennifer Warren, Caroline Waxler, Katrina Cooley Weller, Michelle Pohusky Wellman, Parris Wellman, Christie Shaw Whidden, Michael Whidden, Rob Williams, Henry Willis, Beth Winkelstein, Joel Yarbrough, Jessica Zirkel-Rubin

Penn Class of 1993 Ivy Stone on the Palestra

Penn Class of 1993 Ivy Stone

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