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Dispatches from Penn Alumni Travel

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The Amazon (February 12-21, 2016) with Professor Michael Weisberg


In February, Penn alumni and friends joined Professor Michael Weisberg, a specialist in the philosophy of science, for a river cruise down the Amazon River. Passengers enjoyed daily hikes and lessons about local flora and fauna. Professor Weisberg enhanced their experience with talks about evolution and Darwin.

Survey Quotes:

“Michael’s presentations were interesting, informative, and entertaining. He entertained a wide variety of questions and responded intelligently and gracefully.”- John Cooke


Tahiti and French Polynesia (February 4-14, 2016) with Professor Michael Gamer


In February, Penn Alumni Travel sailed through French Polynesia with English Professor Michael Gamer. While enjoying clear blue water, lush forests, and a beautiful cruising ship, alumni were treated to lectures by Professor Gamer about the voyages of Captain James Cook and the images of French Polynesia in popular British literature.

Survey Quotes:

“Michael Gamer is an excellent representative and ambassador for the University of Pennsylvania. His scholarly and entertaining lectures added significantly to the cruise as they were directly on point with the history of Captain Cook and his discovery of French Polynesia. Michael’s easy and outgoing personality made him a delight to be around.” –Susan Kaufman, SW’85

“Michael brought passion and enthusiasm into his briefings. He held my interest and the material was invaluable.”- Anonymous

“There were many highlights to our trip. The Tour Directors went above and beyond to ensure that all needs were met; the staff who presented lectures were enjoyable and loved what they were doing; the staff on the ship was exceptional and could not do enough to make our stay memorable; and we enjoyed meeting so many great people and our relationships will continue even after this trip. Thanks.”- Anonymous


Moroccan Discovery (February 26-March 10, 2016) with Professor Roger Allen


Last month, Penn Alumni Travel embarked on a voyage across Morocco with Professor Roger Allen of Near Eastern Languages and Literature. Professor Allen, a Moroccan “Commander of National Merit,” delighted guests with surprise guests including the Moroccan Minister of Religious Affairs. Highlights included a stay in Marrakesh and a sunset camel-ride through the Sahara.

Survey Quotes:

“Roger is extremely knowledgeable– about Morocco, Penn, and numerous other areas. He added a whole new dimension to the tour.”- Frank Homburger, W’74

“We had a truly wonderful experience with the Penn Alumni Tour to Morocco. It included a fascinating itinerary, top-notch hotels, great meals, a very small group of travelers, a remarkable faculty host, a very helpful alumni relations representative, and highly knowledgeable tour guide. A great value!”- Frank Homburger, W’74


Mystical India (February 28-March 15, 2016) with Professor Larry Silver


Penn alumni and friends recently returned from a tour across northern India, visiting such highlights as Old and New Delhi; Agra, home of the Taj Mahal; Jaipur, the “Pink City”; and Varanasi, India’s holiest city. Alumni also visited Ranthambore Tiger Preserve and were treated to several up-close encounters with these majestic cats. Professor Larry Silver gave lectures on Indian art throughout, and passengers were joined by local Penn alumni during their time in Delhi.

Survey Quotes:

“A wealth of knowledge and delightful to be with! I would take any Penn trip where Larry was the faculty host.”- Shelly Ziegelman, GR’86, GFA’86

“Another brilliant trip with Penn Alumni Travel! When we start to plan a trip, we always check with Penn first. Thoughtful itineraries, excellent guides, wonderful travel companions.”- Marti Rosenberg, CW’72

“After my first Penn Alumni trip I will never travel any other way. I appreciate the hours of planning that went into our trip and the incredible educational content.”- Shelly Ziegelman, GR’86, GFA’86


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