Fling Has Flung!

Author: Molly Sloss, SAS’14

That’s right, this past weekend was Penn’s most famous celebration—Spring Fling. The entire student body crowded the quad for fried Oreos and student performances. We flocked to Franklin Field to party with Fiasco and Flo Rida and on Sunday morning shared in the mournful act of putting our neon back in the closet.

Photo credit: The Daily Pennsylvanian

As a freshman, my first fling was certainly memorable. I got to wear my neon purple leggings without judgment for the first time. I took the weekend off from homework. But the most important thing about fling was that I was doing it with 10,000 other undergrads. This was the first time I’d seen Penn’s student body come together as a whole. The energy was inescapable.

There was a moment at the concert when I had to take my eyes off of Lupe Fiasco, and turn around. I looked behind me and saw 3 sections full of students, screaming an a capella version of “Superstar,” all waving their arms at the same time. All of us. Together. Of all the things we could be doing together, jammin’ to lupe fiasco isn’t the most impressive. But at that moment, I didn’t feel like a freshman, or an Urban Studies major, or a student in the College. I was just a Penn student, on equal ground with everyone else, partaking in possibly the most quintessential Quaker experience ever. And it felt fling-tastic.

Check out the fling-stivities video and slideshow to see for yourself!

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