Project 1/30 – April

Author: Kelly Porter O’Connor

Some of you may have heard of Project 365 – where you take one photo a day to document your life. Well, this is project 1/30 where I will take a photo (or two) to document one day a month at Penn.

With a little thing called Alumni Weekend around the corner, the majority of my month is spent in the good old Franklin Building, which is indeed not the most desired place to spend your warm spring days! At the first sign of a sunny day I somehow find my way to Locust Walk. Yesterday just happened to be that day. Featured here is the image I selected to represent April. What does it mean to you?

Spring on Locust Walk

For me, this image represents one of the most beautiful days, when campus really comes alive. Daffodils are in full bloom, the sun is shining and Locust Walk is flooded with the bustle of our Penn community. The prayer tent is up, observing this week’s holidays, student-led tours for potential freshman are at every corner, folks are out on the Green enjoying the sun shining through the trees, and, of course, we get our first sightings of flip flops (and for some, the lack thereof…)!

The first true sign of spring: flip-flops



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2 responses to “Project 1/30 – April

  1. I love the daffodil photo – it is just beautiful – such a marker of spring.

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