Penn Buttons

Author: Stephanie Yee, C’08

Alumni Weekend 2011 was a huge success! The rain held off for Saturday’s parade, and I partied the night away at the Class of 1971’s 40th reunion. I even set a personal record on Saturday: between the picnic, Taste of Penn, and the 40th reunion, I ate five types of mac ‘n cheese that day. All-around success!

As I toted around my blue and red Penn Alumni bag, I started collecting Penn Alumni buttons around campus. First, I got the “I Met My Best Friend at Penn” button. Since their debut, the “I Met My…” buttons have been a huge hit with the alumni. Everyone met a best friend at Penn, right? (Great idea, Elizabeth!)

Best Friend Button

I received two more buttons at the Penn Admissions Open House: a Button button (you know, the Button in front of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library) and a University of Pennsylvania Alumni Representative button. I started pinning the buttons to my name tag lanyard until I decided I would look silly with three buttons hanging around my neck (this coming from the same person who wore the Locust Walk Homecoming Run medal during all of Homecoming Weekend 2010. What can I say – I bleed red and blue, and I love medals). On Saturday, I picked up a Proud Penn Donor button at the picnic on Hill Field. Button count up to four.

Button Collection to Date

Now that Alumni Weekend is over, I need a creative way to display all of my Penn buttons. Any suggestions?


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10 responses to “Penn Buttons

  1. Henrietta

    Cool. This was the first time in years I didn’t make it down to campus for Alumni Day. Glad to see people had fun.

    I have my original Penn button (from ye olde bookstore) hanging up in my cubicle, along with the Penn pin that I received at the Spectrum conference last year.

    Oh, and I want an “I Met My Best Friend at Penn” too!

  2. We get requests for new buttons all the time…This past Alumni Weekend, someone wrote on her button: “I met my future husband at Penn…”

  3. Betsy

    SOOOOO bummed I missed Alumni Weekend this year. And now, even more so because those are AWESOME buttons!!!

  4. Nicole M

    My favorite is the Button button 🙂

  5. Get a giant button with a fabric face that says “I Met My Button Army At Penn” and then button all your regular buttons to it.

  6. Gina

    I just got engaged to a fellow Penn student, would love to know where I can get a button saying, I met my husband at Penn!

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