Tuition Then and Now (85 Weeks To Go)

By Kiera Reilly, C’93

Last weekend, September 23-24, 2016 marked 85 weeks until the 25th Reunion of the Penn Class of 1993 (May 11 – 13, 2018)! Follow along with us we countdown the weeks to our reunion #93tothe25th: Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Classmates are invited to join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

I recently discovered a Scrapbook I made of things from Freshman year. One item was the breakdown of tuition costs for the 1989 – 1990 school year.

93_I know that the cost of Penn has increased, but by how much? Thanks to Google, I found the tuition for this academic year pretty easily on the Penn Student Financial Services website.

93_screenshotComparing the total cost in 1989 – 1990 ($20,850) with the total cost in 2016 – 2017 ($69,340), I wondered how that 1989-1990 academic year price tab would compare using inflation rates. According to this CPI Inflation Calculator, the amount of expenses in 1989 would be equivalent to $40,463.63 today.

Of course, all of this talk of tuition makes me think of one of my favorite Mask and Wig songs, “Tuition.” Here is a clip from Freshman Performing Arts Night in 2006.

Do you have any saved items from our time at Penn? Let us know! Last week’s post featured items from New Student Week, and we’d like to include more “artifacts” from our time at Penn in future posts. Please email us if you have something to share. Our email address is




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