Peace. Love. Traditions.

Peace. Love. Traditions.

By Jackie Van Loan, C ‘16


Last Wednesday, fling-ready students were feeling Penn spirited and free spirited for the annual Penn Traditions Spirit Day! This year, we shook it up a bit with some friendly inter-class competition. Students stopped by our table wearing their Penn Traditions tee (you know, the one they got during NSO) or any gear with their class year on it, and snagged a pair of free groovy glasses, Lennon style! AND the class with the most spirit won $1000 for their class! Things got pretty heated, with the Class Presidents pulling out all the shots to win the moolah. We hear freshman Class Prez even used SnapChat to spread the word:


It was a tight race, but the winner was…CLASS OF 2016!

#2016Pride #PennPride


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Do You Want to See My Show, Man?

Author: Carolyn Grace, C’16

Tapping into my inner Pitbull while rapping  "Timber" with the Mask and Wig band!

Tapping into my inner Pitbull while rapping “Timber” with the Mask and Wig band!

Well, Fling has finally been flung, dear Quakers, and oh what a wonderful weekend it was! As planned, I danced to David Guetta, sang/rapped on stage with both Counterparts and Mask and Wig, and ate my weight in fried oreos. All in all, a successful few days :)

But my performances are not over!  Oh no, my biggest show of the semester is coming up this weekend: the Counterparts Spring show!  If you’ve clicked on the link, then you’ve just discovered that our show title “Do You Wanna Build a Show, Man?” is, in fact, “Frozen”-themed.  Because “Frozen” will always be relevant.  Always.

I have to say, the publicity we’ve done for this show is pretty awesome.  We have a great series of posters (see below), and we just released a promotional YouTube video as well.  However, if you haven’t seen “Frozen”… well I don’t know what to tell you.  None of these references will make sense.  So I suggest you watch the movie before coming to the show.

Our poster for "Do You Wanna Build a Show, Man?"

Our poster for “Do You Wanna Build a Show, Man?”

My Facebook profile picture to promote the show!  I know, it's pretty adorable.

My Facebook profile picture to promote the show! I know, it’s pretty adorable.

We’re back in Iron Gate Theatre, where I sang in my first-ever CP concert.  It’s a beautiful space, and I can’t wait to see it packed with my friends, family, and Counterparts alumni!  Our set list is also stellar.  I’ll be singing “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” with one of our new members, Andrew.  In addition, we have songs by the Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Sara Bareilles, Ariana Grande, Hall and Oates, and Delta Rae…just to name several.

Like the many other student artists on campus, I am always in a bit of shock when I enter the week leading up to my show.  It’s crazy to think about how much work I’ve put into the semester for Counterparts, and it’s going to be culminating into only two performances this weekend!  It’s times like these that I try to truly appreciate the level of talent and dedication to the arts that exists here at Penn.  Though I cannot go to every show that happens on campus, I will always applaud the effort that goes into any and every performance.

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Winding Down

By John Mosley

I literally cannot believe that graduation is in just over a month. I know it seems like a cliché thing to say, but it truly feels as though I just walked into the Quad for the first time to scope out my new dorm room (that would be Fisher-Hassenfeld, by the way). I am in awe of the merciless speed at which my four years as an undergraduate at Penn have passed me by, and I will detail those feelings in my next blog (which will probably be my last as an active student!). For this entry, I’d like to take some time to extol the work done by my colleagues at Sweeten Alumni House and the whole crew at Development and Alumni Relations.

There is no question that Alumni Weekend and Homecoming are two amazing events, which bring together multiple generations of Penn alumni and their families. However, even more amazing to me is seeing the work done behind the scenes in the months preceding these events. From securing catering to registering alumni for events, the DAR team coordinates and plans these events almost in their entirety. In the four years I have served as a Work-Study student for the Sweeten office, I have been able to see firsthand how alumni have given back to Penn, and how Penn continues to give back to its alumni. My work here has instilled in me a confidence that, even after commencement in May, the Penn community will keep me engaged, offering workshops and events around the globe (including web seminars and a travel program).

As has been the consistent theme with my blog posts for this school year, I am terribly excited to graduate and begin any number of new chapters in my life story. After spending four years at Penn and at Sweeten, a great deal of uncertainty about my future has been removed: I know that, wherever I go and whatever I do, I have the Penn community and its resources behind me.

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Happy 50th Birthday ICA!


Hey, Institute of Contemporary Art! You don’t look a day over 40! Here’s to 50 more years of bringing exciting new art to the public eye and generally making Penn a more fun place to be. Let’s party!

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Dinner Lecture Series in Philadelphia

This year, the Penn Alumni Club of Philadelphia rolled out exciting new programming as part of our Dinner Lecture Series. Penn alumni can expect to enjoy delicious food, engaging conversation, and a unique educational experience.


New logo for our new programming!

In March, we visited the famed Victor Café in South Philadelphia, where the wait staff not only serves, they also sing opera! Our guest speaker was Brooke McCorkle, Penn PhD student in Musicology, concentrating in opera. A Benjamin Franklin Fellow, Brooke is an accomplished double bassist, Japanologist, and music historian. In her dissertation, Brooke composes a cultural history that examines the heretofore unexplored relationship between modernity, national ideology, and Wagner reception in Japan from 1868 to 1952.

In April, we visited Harvest Season Grill and Wine Bar on Penn’s campus. You may remember the Marathon Grill and MarBar that used to live in that space. Our group was joined by Danie Greenwell, C’03, the controller at Common Market. Common Market, co-founded by Penn alumna Tatiana Garcia-Granados, C’97, WG’03, is a nonprofit that distributes fresh, local farm food to both wholesale and individual customers including Bon Appetit at Penn. In addition, Danie works for Farm to City, a company that has brought millions of pounds of fresh farm food into the city through farmer’s markets, CSAs and buying clubs. Farm to City also runs the farmers market at Penn.

In May, we have a special treat for Penn alumni. Penn alumna Ellen Yin, W’87 WG’93, owner of Fork Restaurant, the acclaimed New American Bistro in Old City, Philadelphia, will be joining us at her new restaurant High Street on Market. Alumni will enjoy a special and seasonal four-course prix fixe dinner in a private room followed by a lecture by Ellen.


Join us on Wednesday, May 21st for our Dinner Lecture Series at High Street on Market Featuring Owner Ellen Yin, W'87 WG'93

Join us on Wednesday, May 21st for our Dinner Lecture Series at High Street on Market Featuring Owner Ellen Yin, W’87 WG’93

We hope you will join us as we continue to explore the incredible Philadelphia restaurant scene and learn from outstanding individuals from the Penn alumni community. Check out our events calendar on our website and see event photos on Facebook.

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Penn Club of Utah Fifth Annual Day of Service

By Kiera Reilly, C’93 @KieraReilly

Art Warsoff, W’83, and his wife Diane Warsoff, W’83, submitted this note about the Penn Club of Utah’s Fifth Annual Day of Service:

On April 5th, the Penn Alumni Club of Utah held our 5th annual day of service. This year we volunteered with Tree Utah and followed it up with lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Red Iguana.

We are glad that the weather cooperated and we were able to get all four large columnar oaks and an apple tree planted at Wheeler Historical Farm. We were also able to cheer runners participating in a 5k run which went right past us.

As in prior years, we invited alumni from Princeton, MIT, Franklin & Marshall and University of Virginia to join us. All twenty-five alumni, friends and family that participated are looking forward to next year’s activity.

Planting trees in Utah.

Planting trees in Utah.

You can see more photos from the day’s event here.

Many Penn Clubs around the world contribute to their communities through service activities. Some recent examples are from the Penn Club of Northern California, Penn Club of Philadelphia, and a group in Los Angeles, Penn Serves LA, that includes members of both PennClubLA and the Wharton Club of Southern California. You can also read about the Penn Club of Utah’s 4th Day of Service here.

We hope that many other clubs will plan events to serve their communities – and share your story with us. Please contact Kiera Reilly, C’93, from the regional clubs team, or your regional clubs liaison, if you would like to plan an event or you organized an event you would like to share on our blog.

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Janet Napolitano is Honored with TCPW’s Beacon Award

By: Joshua Durando

The Trustees’ Council of Penn Women (TCPW) – an international network of Penn alumnae – awarded Janet Napolitano with the Beacon Award during the spring conference “Penn Women” Leading the Way”. The award, which is TCPW’s highest honor, is given in recognition of commitment to the advancement of women and gender equality. Ms. Napolitano is the 13th recipient of this prestigious award joining past winners Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Toni Morrison. Even taking a quick look at her credentials there is no question as to why.

Ms. Napolitano currently serves as President of the University of California system, the first woman to become the leader of the world’s largest university system. Her past accomplishments are just as impressive having served as the Governor of Arizona and the first female attorney general of the state, and as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. She is the first and only woman to hold the position to date.

In her speech Ms. Napolitano raised questions about the messages we are sending to women, and how we may be subtly steering them away from opportunities to lead. She tackled the word “bossy” as an example of how we identify executive leadership qualities in women as a negative, but celebrate them in men. Napolitano also noted the importance of “raising their hand”. She spoke about how if women are in the right place at the right time and you are ready, how vital it is that they not self-select out of leadership opportunities. Ms. Napolitano encouraged the women in the audience to take risks, and to teach younger generations of women to do the same.

Ms. Napolitano’s award was just one of the many celebrations of women that took place over the two days of the annual spring conference. Other highlights include: Panels “Women & Politics:  Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”, and “Then and Now:  Penn Trailblazers Reflect”; a presentation by Wharton Professor Stewart Friedman titled “Leadership for the Total Person: The Impossible Dream?”; and presentations of TCPW’s athletic achievement, student leadership and Huber-Giles Memorial awards.

Although many of the messages throughout the conference are geared towards woman audience, and many of the anecdotes are based on experiences of overcoming the challenges of being a woman leader, I think there are lessons to be learned for everyone. As a male, I was enlightened by many of the stories, and inspired to take some of these lessons to hear to apply in my own life.

For more information on the Trustees’ Council of Penn Women, visit:

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