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A “Billion for Ben Bag” Survives (69 Weeks To Go)

By Kiera Reilly, C’93, and  Ruth McIlhenny Gormé, C’93

The weekend of January 13-14 marked 69 weeks until our 25th reunion in our #93tothe25th countdown. This week we thank Ruth McIlhenny Gormé, C’93, for taking us on a trip down memory lane, seeing how far Penn has come since our Freshman year.

As you may remember, Penn celebrated its 250th Anniversary in the Spring of our Freshman year, and the celebrations continued into the Fall of our Sophomore year with the final celebration taking place on College Green in December, 1990 (see our 74 Weeks post on that celebration here).

In conjunction with the celebrations was a capital campaign for Penn dubbed, “A Billion for Ben.”

Ruth still has the tote bag from those celebrations and uses it regularly – see it here in the back of her car. I had one of these bags too, but it is in no shape to be photographed.

A Billion for Ben 250th Celebration bag - still in use 25+ years later! Credit: Ruth McIlhenny Gorme, C'93

A Billion for Ben 250th Celebration bag – still in use 25+ years later! Credit: Ruth McIlhenny Gorme, C’93

Ruth writes, “I’m sending a picture of the tote bag I got working on the “Billion for Ben” campaign our freshman year.  It’s still in use! Remember when a billion dollar endowment was something to strive for? What’s Penn’s endowment now? According to a June 2016 report, it’s now over $10 billion!”

Ruth is correct, according to Penn’s annual report last year, as of June 30, 2016, Penn’s endowment stands at $10.7 billion. We’ve come a long way since 1990!

Penn Class of 1993 Reunion Countdown

January 13 – 14, 2017, marked 69 weeks until the 25th Reunion of the Penn Class of 1993 (May 11 – 13, 2018)! Join us we count down the weeks to our reunion #93tothe25th:

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T-Minus One Month!

Author: Amanda D’Amico

There’s less than one month to go until the close of Making History: the Campaign for Penn!

Making History is the most ambitious campaign in the University of Pennsylvania’s history, spanning every school and center and enabling Penn to enrich and strengthen programs to lead across disciplines. The comprehensive campaign sought to raise $3.5 billion while simultaneously strengthening the connection between alumni and the University.

Since its public launch in 2008, the Campaign has had great success. Alumni engagement has increased exponentially each year with more alumni attending Homecoming and Alumni Weekend than ever before. And, in September 2011, Penn reached is $3.5 billion overall goal.

While the overall dollar goal has been met, there is still more work to be done within the Campaign’s priorities, which include faculty support, undergraduate scholarships, graduate and professional student aid, buildings and renovations, programs and research, and unrestricted support. Help the University meet all of its goals by making your gift before December 31, 2012!

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