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Welcome, 2014 Interviewers!


People join the Alumni Interview Program for all kinds of reasons- I’m partial to this 2014 grads motivation.

If you’d like to speak with prospective Penn students, click here.

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I’m Interviewing Because…

Author: Liz PinnieLiz Blog

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Author: Liz Pinnie

Yesterday a friend from Admissions stopped by the Interview Program Office for a cup of coffee during his break from sitting in committee (yes, it’s that time of year!).  As he melted into a chair and took a slug of his coffee, we started to chat about his impressions on reading hundreds upon hundreds of interviews.

What has recently struck J. about interview reports is the ability of interviewers- of all Penn class years and schools- to touch upon those certain qualities that makes Penn Penn, and a Quaker a Quaker.  Interviews took place via skype, phone, and in person conversation all over the world this year- from Dubai to Detroit, from Slovakia to Santa Monica- from alumni ranging in age from 22 to 85.

In 64 years, there have been a few changes at Penn- a transition from typewriters to computers to tablets, the conversion from Penn-specific building to community oriented growth in West Philadelphia, the evolution from weekly letters home to dorm hall phone calls to texts, the creation of Locust Walk as a pedestrian thoroughfare, the full integration of women to the University, and growth through eight different Presidents (among a few other changes- The Arch, anyone!?).

However, what we’re seeing from interview reports is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Throughout Penn’s past, a passion for activity both inside and outside of the classroom has remained, along with a desire for growth in knowledge, a hunger for integration, and excitement for innovation.

Over 12,000 of your fellow alumni are discovering students with these indelible Penn qualities from all over the world through interviews- if you’d like to help, join the Interview Program by clicking here, and share with us what you think makes a Quaker a Quaker.


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A Fluff-Tastic Surprise

Author: Liz Pinnie

With just two weeks left in the Interview Program cycle, days have been filled to the brim.  However we had a chance to stop and marvel at our amazing interviewers the other day when we received a package from some of our incredible Massachusetts Chairs! Liz Pinnie

Inside was everything our hungry and sugar-crazed crew could want:  Squirrel Nut Zippers, Neco Wafers, Boston Brown Bread, Fluffernutter Sandwich ingredients and an abundance of Cape Cod Chips.  Many thanks to Shannon Scully, Paula Breger, Mimi Neuman, and Felix Layne, our awesome 85% or Bust Team from the Phillips and North Shore Interview Committees!

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For the Blue

Author: Liz Pinnie


Short of smearing blue paint on your face and wearing a kilt, it can be challenging to capture the attention of many, and urge them towards a singular goal.

However, this remains one of my broader goals within my position as Assistant Director for the Penn Alumni Interview Program.  Like much of Penn, the Interview Program is a complex swirling vortex of ideas, passions, data, collaboration, integration, and the slightly wild goal of offering interviews to 100% of applicants.  In order to try and explain this, I decided to test out a (slightly) new free platform called Prezi.

Prezi provides users a blank slate with which to create a presentation that is aimed at capturing the attention of its viewers with its outside-of-the-box options.  For a great example, check out this awesome resume from Prezi all-star Pascal.  Outside the box, right!?  I must admit that ours is a bit more stayed than Pascal’s, but I think (and hope!) it gets out point across.

The Interview Program hopes to offer an interview to each and every one of Penn’s undergraduate applicants by 2015.  Why?  You’ll just have to watch our Prezi to see.

And!  If you find yourself inspired, excited, willing to join, or just plain curious, let me know!  Sign up to interview on our member registration page, or email us.

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Penn Presents Prezi

Author:  Liz Pinnie

A benefit of working at Penn (besides the close proximity to Insomnia Cookies) is the opportunity to take free classes at Weigle Information Commons in the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library.

Short and sweet classes are offered there on everything from Excel to Photoshop to Prezi.

Don’t know what Prezi is?  Neither did I, so I decided to take a class in it!

Turns out that Prezi is new alternative to building presentations on PowerPoint that allows for greater flexibility and boundless creativity.  After learning the basics at Weigle from our awesome teacher and testing my prowess on a presentation about corgis, I decided to get a bit more professional and try my hand at a work related presentation.

If you have a minute, check out my “Why Interview” Prezi here. Here is a screen capture to get you interested.

prezi pic

…and if you like it, let me know by signing up to join the Penn Alumni Interview Program!

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Breaking News: Storm Approaches

Author: Liz Pinnie

It’s derecho time!



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