For the Blue

Author: Liz Pinnie


Short of smearing blue paint on your face and wearing a kilt, it can be challenging to capture the attention of many, and urge them towards a singular goal.

However, this remains one of my broader goals within my position as Assistant Director for the Penn Alumni Interview Program.  Like much of Penn, the Interview Program is a complex swirling vortex of ideas, passions, data, collaboration, integration, and the slightly wild goal of offering interviews to 100% of applicants.  In order to try and explain this, I decided to test out a (slightly) new free platform called Prezi.

Prezi provides users a blank slate with which to create a presentation that is aimed at capturing the attention of its viewers with its outside-of-the-box options.  For a great example, check out this awesome resume from Prezi all-star Pascal.  Outside the box, right!?  I must admit that ours is a bit more stayed than Pascal’s, but I think (and hope!) it gets out point across.

The Interview Program hopes to offer an interview to each and every one of Penn’s undergraduate applicants by 2015.  Why?  You’ll just have to watch our Prezi to see.

And!  If you find yourself inspired, excited, willing to join, or just plain curious, let me know!  Sign up to interview on our member registration page, or email us.


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One response to “For the Blue

  1. Stacey Deutsch Shoer

    Amen to that!
    I hope more alumni view this and join. Our committee in Miami has more applicants than ever and our goal is yours- 100%.

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