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The Frankly Pennies

Author: Leigh Ann P.

Surely you all read my previous post about party culture at the Sweeten House.  If not, I’ll wait. 

Finished?  I’m sure you were wildly entertained!  Did you leave a comment?

Last week our fearless Frankly Penn blog founder, Aimee LaBrie, hosted a fabulous soiree (can it be a soiree if it’s at 4 PM?) honoring all of us blog contributors – both of the frequent kind and of the once-in-a-lifetime kind.  Aimee created awards for each and every blogger and presented them at the event along with personalized gifts.  Everyone is so excited about their awards, and a few people around Sweeten have displayed them proudly in their workspaces.

Nicole is so excited about her award, she has it displayed right beneath her office nameplate!


Can you spot Lynn’s award among all of her daughter’s artwork?

Lisa V. doesn’t ever want to spin her chair around and NOT see her Frankly Penny.

Mine is covering up my William + Kate tea towel.  Am I finally tired of them?

Jason’s only regret is that the certificate is too small for the frame he had picked out for it. 

Hoopes’s award is displayed proudly on his credenza, along with his blogger pride pencil!  No wonder he’s proud: who else has an award featuring a cat climbing a ladder?

This is the best award Cecilia has ever received!

Have you ever received an award for anything?  Let us know in the comments!  If you want to be awarded next year with a Frankly Penny, you could be!  All you have to do is contribute to the Frankly Penn blog.  Contact Aimee LaBrie at for more information.


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Up in the Air: Penn Pictures from Around the World

Author: Hoopes Wampler

There are over 25,000 Penn alumni living outside the United States.  While that is only roughly 8% of the total Penn alumni population, these numbers are significant and represent a growing trend for Penn.

Tiananmen Gate, Forbidden City, Beijing

As head of Alumni Relations, I spend a fair amount of time “on the road” (or I really should say “in the air”) traveling to meet, support, inform and engage our alumni around the world.

The London Eye

Our international alumni have become key ambassadors in promoting the Penn brand abroad – and they do great work!  Penn is now truly a global institution and our alumni infuse Penn into their communities every day through a series of club events, student admissions interviews, professional networking seminars, and Penn celebrations and conversations.  With all deference given to Jacques Brel, Penn truly is alive and well – and living in Paris – amongst other places.

l' Opéra, Paris

I am especially looking forward to our return trip to Asia this May with visits to Korea, Taiwan and Singapore (remember your ABP – Always Be Promoting).  My visit this year represents a return trip to these great places, and I am looking forward to being immersed in these amazing international alumni communities once again.

Taipei 101, Taiwan

What I find most intriguing about international travel is the importance of learning about and working with the customs and cultures of each country. There is much to learn and each trip represents an opportunity to become more skilled at operating in the international environment. Even things like how to present and receive business cards are important practices and signs of respect in Asia. First impressions are important and you have to work hard to get it right.

The Great Wall

The easy part about international travel is receiving all the greetings and Penn passion from our alumni once we arrive. There is so much Penn energy in the world and alumni are incredibly proud of their Penn degrees. So I’ll go “up in the air” for Penn any day…

British Museum, London

Although, and for those who have seen the George Clooney movie of the same name, I am always thankful to arrive back home in Philadelphia and return to our beautiful campus.  Home is where the heart is and even when my heart is on the road – it’s always at Penn.

College Green, Penn

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