Party Time: Sweeten Alumni House Style

Author: Leigh Ann P.

I started working at the Sweeten Alumni House a little over two years ago, and shortly after I started, I remember Marge Tinsley (she of Global Alumni Network fame) telling me: “This isn’t an office, this is a house, and we’re a family.”  I found this so touching and it has really stuck with me!

We are a relatively small group of about 30 people, which combined with the open layout of the heart of our office, makes it really easy to get to know everyone personally – even if you don’t ever get the opportunity to collaborate with them professionally.  But we always get to collaborate when it comes to party time!

You are probably familiar with the office party. Farewells, babies, weddings and holidays allow us to come together on these special occasions and give us an excuse to decorate our conference room and generally pig out.  Of course, our idea of “decorating on a dime” involves taping up photoshopped images of the honoree throughout the building.  Dwight Shrute provides a good example below of how not to decorate for an office party:

It’s always a creative challenge to come up with a theme, but these men and women are committed to imaginative partying.  In the past, we’ve had parties centered around “Glee,” karaoke, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Island-Meets-Arctic (I guess you had to be there), or most recently, traditional Jewish food!

It will be fun to see what our colleagues come up with for our holiday party next month.  What does your workplace like to do to celebrate special occasions?



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5 responses to “Party Time: Sweeten Alumni House Style

  1. That chocolate chip pie was the best!

  2. Leigh Ann P.

    I have to disagree with you there and go with the s’mores pie. Pieces of graham cracker and marshmallow goodness, are you kidding me?

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  4. Mari

    I’m going to go ahead and shut this down Jewish style by proclaiming that the kugel really knocked my yamulke off. It’s a metaphoric yamulke, of course.

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