Penn Alumni Haiku Reflections

by Nicole C. Maloy, W’95

I was inspired to write a few Penn-related haiku for today’s blog post, and so I’ve done. Then I thought I’d write a snappy intro. I was all ready to declare today Haiku Day. Why? Because it’s April 13, and 4+13=17, the number of syllables in a standard, 5-7-5 haiku. But then I thought I should look that up to be sure there isn’t already another Haiku Day. Guess what? It’s on April 17 (go figure – it works, but I like mine better). More importantly, April happens to be National Poetry Month.

National Poetry Month poster

Seven syllables:
"National Poetry Month."
Coincidence? Naaah.

It turns out that today is a good day for haiku. That said, ANY day is a good day for haiku. As several of the Penn and Philadelphia stories closest to my heart have appeared right here in this blog, I hearken back to some of those topics below. It’s like my own little TV series clip show, but with blog posts.

In honor of the national festivities, I hope you will be inspired to write a haiku of your own, about anything. Then share it with someone. ‘Tis the season. Don’t be shy. If you choose to write one on some element of your Penn experience, feel free to share it right here in the comments section. Onward!

Early Decision
Applied to one school.
Thankfully, I did get in.
Celebration time!

Varsity Women’s Track & Field
Upon reflection,
I sure spent a lot of time
jumping over stuff.

Du Bois College House
Countless memories.
Living. Laughing. Loving my
home away from home.

Influential Teachers
American Lit
will nevermore be the same.
Thank you, Mr. King.

The Inspiration (Penn R&B a capella group)
Family. Both part and whole,
bigger than myself.

Semester in Lyon, France
Parlez vous français?”
“Alors, beaucoup plus qu’avant.
Merci, Penn abroad!”

something old and something new;
always more to see.

Bonus Haiku: Cheesesteaks
No more Billybobs 😦
At least I have Jim’s on South
and, of course, Abner’s.



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3 responses to “Penn Alumni Haiku Reflections

  1. esecti0n

    Bonus Haiku: Ben Franklin Statue

    Stoic statue dry,
    Delights in visiting lads;
    Rues the golden rain!

  2. I may steal these for my poetry class!

  3. Nicole M

    esecti0n, I love it!!

    Aimee, I’ll sue!

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