It’s Thank Your Favorite Professor Day!

Author: Nicole Maloy, W’95

A year or so ago, near the Penn bookstore, I spotted the professor of my favorite course ever at Penn. I debated whether or not to bother him, especially as he wouldn’t have remembered me from the large lecture I had taken with him so many years before.

But what professor wouldn’t want to know that a former student really enjoyed that class, and remembers it well over a decade later? How can that not be a positive addition to someone’s day? So, I walked over, introduced myself, told him, and thanked him. Didn’t hurt a bit. And yes, he was very pleasantly surprised.

So, fellow alumni, I ask you: what was your favorite course at Penn? Who was your favorite professor? Why not send a little note to say what you appreciated about the course, or the professor, that you still remember so fondly as an alum? Today would be a great day for you to make someone else’s day.

If the professor you have in mind is still teaching at Penn, you should find an e-mail address here.


Prof still at Penn? Fabulous. Now you can send a message, just because. Prof no longer at Penn? He or she may be teaching somewhere else these days. Do a search. It’s worth a shot.

If you’re inspired to spread more good cheer after that, or if you can’t find your professor without crossing into stalker territory (please don’t cross into stalker territory), then why not redirect your efforts to finding and thanking a favorite teacher from your years prior to Penn? You can also use this energy to tell some key people from your present just what, and how much, you appreciate about them. No need to wait a decade or more for that!



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3 responses to “It’s Thank Your Favorite Professor Day!

  1. Ben Craine

    Nicole: What a great thought. For 31 years, I was a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Wayne State University. Occasionally, I would have a student stop me some years after class . . . and I loved it every time. Taught a smaller class, so I, actually, often remembered the former student. Always a great feeling. So, I did look up one of my professors, but, alas, I cannot write to him. And my all time favorite teacher was George W. Taylor, long deceased, but I took a moment to remember how both impacted my life. Again, great post, great idea.

    • Nicole M

      Thanks, Ben! I appreciate it.
      I’m so glad that you’ve had that experience from the teacher’s side. Thanks for confirming my suspicion that it is always nice to hear!

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