Five Dollars

Author: Leigh Ann P.

Alumni Weekend registration has been open for over a month!  What are you waiting for?  If you register by the end of today, Monday, April 16, the last day of “early bird” pricing, you can get in for $5 less than if you wait until tomorrow!

What does $5 mean at Penn?  If you’re struggling to come up with what it would mean to have an extra $5 suddenly appear in your wallet for no reason, allow me and my personal paintbrush avatar to break it down for you.

You could buy four delicious cookies from Insomnia in Houston Hall.

Instead of hitting up the free Keurig at Sweeten, you could spring for that fancy Starbucks coffee at the Penn Bookstore!

You could contribute to a Penn squirrel’s campus housing!

Register now!  Visit the Alumni Weekend site!


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  1. Another brilliant Paint collection!

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