Glee Club Sets Sail

Author: Lisa Ellen Niver, CAS’89

One of my favorite things about campus life at Penn was all the incredible student performances. I loved to see  performances by Counterparts, Mask and Whig, and the Glee Club. Not being musical myself, I am still convinced in my importance on the theater team because without an audience– it is only a dress rehearsal!! Now that I am long gone from campus life, I still love live performances and being connected to Penn and my friends.

The Original Glee Club members, circa 1915

Recently, a fellow alum put me in touch with the current Glee Club members who are celebrating their 150th Anniversary. And now, they will be performing on the Celebrity Cruises ship, the Summit, this summer in Bermuda.

Always wanted to see Bermuda? Ready for live performances from your favorite Penn Group? Need an excuse to get away? The Glee Club wants to celebrate with you!

Don’t miss the boat. Join the Glee Club May 20, 2012 as they set sail from New York to Bermuda on the Summit. Feel free to contact me as soon as possible to reserve your room at



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