The Art of the Office Wall

Author: Lisa Marie Patzer

A recent blog post in MIRANDA, titled “A Space to Inspire Them: Art at Work”, made me think about the art that I am surrounded by here at Penn.  From the Arthur Ross Gallery, to the Kelly Writers House, and the Institute of Contemporary Art, arts and culture play an important role in life at Penn.  During Homecoming Weekend I took the Gallery Hop tour and visited The Arthur Ross Gallery for the first time.  Their current exhibit, Double Take: Series, Multiples, and Prints features prints, photographs, pastels and sculptures from the University of Pennsylvania’s diverse art collection.  One of my favorite photographs in the exhibit is Queen, by Audrey Flack:

Audrey Flack (b. 1931) Queen, 1975 Dye transfer photograph Gift of Seymour Passman

The gallery hop also included a tour of the Institute of Contemporary Art.  Here I was introduced to the work of Charline von Heyl.  I am now a devoted fan.

Charline von Heyl

Painting by Charline von Heyl at the Institute of Contemporary Art

The point of Rachel Pastan’s story, however, is that art belongs not only in galleries and museums, but also in factories, offices, cubicles and other work spaces where we spend most of our time. Pastan emphasizes the importance of being surrounded by art on a daily basis, not only for a sense of décor, but also because art improves employee morale, productivity and helps stimulate the imagination.

I still plan to frequent the museums, performance spaces and galleries at Penn, but Pastan’s article brought my attention to the wall I face while at work.  I have a few artistic images hanging amidst my work related materials, but there is a lot of opportunity to improve the artistic aesthetic of this space.

Office Wall number 1

Bits of art hanging on my office wall

Office wall photo 2

More bits of art hanging on my office wall

How about you?  What does your workspace look like?  Do you see art on a daily basis?



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2 responses to “The Art of the Office Wall

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  2. Of course, I have tons of cats on my office wall, but also a giant quilt my mom made about reading, and two Barbie dolls. Very eclectic.

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