State of the (Union?) School

Author: Dan Bernick, SAS ‘14

“Madame Speaker!  The President of the United States.”

The State of the Union address always begins this way, followed by the President’s report on the state of our union.

Penn had its own version this week.

State of the School (SOTS) is an opportunity for the six branches of Penn Student Government to discuss what they accomplished over the past year and what their plans are.

This year’s theme was “Moving Forward.”  As a member of the Undergraduate Assembly, I interacted with people who may (or may not have) voted for me and got to hear what new projects they needed me to “move forward.”

The event was held at the Penn Museum and students wore business casual.  Admissions Dean Eric Furda spoke and we listened to presenters from each branch.  But the best part – as always – was the food.  Students mingled while eating a tantalizing array of appetizers including lobster bites, vegetable pizza, pita with hummus, and mini burgers.

Photo Courtesy of the DP, 11/29/11

I am glad that, unlike in the real world, student government can all agree on one thing – how to have a good time!


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