Save 2nd Base: 2011 Penn Co-Rec Summer Softball CHAMPIONS!

Author: Stephanie Yee, C’08

I love Penn in the summer because the campus is green and quiet, and the food truck lines are not as long (except maybe at Magic Carpet). Another great Penn summer tradition is co-rec intramural summer softball. Departments around Penn put together softball teams, and the teams are divided into two leagues (National League and American League – just like in MLB). Teams in the same league play each other during the regular season, and then there are play-offs. The winner of each league advances to the Championship Game, which is played on Franklin Field.

After a few years in the summer softball community, you start to recognize some familiar names. For example, Penn Chem Isotopes (Chemistry Department) and Museum Rocks (Penn Museum) have been around for years. My all-time favorite name is the Home RN’s (School of Nursing). Team Captain Troy Majnerick changes the name of his softball team every year, so the big reveal is always exciting. One year we were Dwight’s Army of Champions (The Office, anyone?), and last year we were Habitual Line Steppers. This year, Troy’s softball team, Save 2nd Base, had two great things going for them. First, they were defending champions. Second, they were playing for a great cause. Save 2nd Base is a breast cancer apparel company whose proceeds fund breast cancer research, education, and awareness programs through the Kelly Rooney Foundation.

Save 2nd Base team members donated $1 to the charity for every game they won during the regular season. They went 10-0 this year, so that’s $10 per team member in addition to the $550 they raised as hosts of Socially Conscious Philadelphia’s July event. At the end of the season, the team had collected close to $1,000 for breast cancer awareness and research. AND they won the championship game! AGAIN! These players are true champions.

Save 2nd Base: 2011 Penn Co-Rec Summer Softball CHAMPIONS!

Anyone with a PennCard can play summer softball, so I encourage all Penn staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students who are on campus during the summer to find a team to join. It’s great fun, and you meet Penn people from all over the university. Save 2nd Base lives for summer softball, and I can see why. They are two-time champions now. CONGRATS!



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2 responses to “Save 2nd Base: 2011 Penn Co-Rec Summer Softball CHAMPIONS!

  1. C. Ryan

    This is a great story. I didn’t know there was a team playing for Save 2nd Base! Good work, Troy.

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