Penn Alumni Webinar: What Do We Know About Autism?

As part of Penn Alumni Education’s commitment to bringing intellectual and academic programming to alumni, Office Hours gives you the chance to learn about and discuss relevant issues with Penn faculty from your own home or office.

Next week, hear from Dr. Jennifer Pinto-Martin, the Viola MacInnes/Independence Professor of Nursing, and Interim Chair in the Bio-behavioral and Health Sciences Division, as she discuss what current sciences can tell us about autism, reviewing what is known about the causes of ASD and ongoing studies, including her CDC funded Study to Explore Early Development (SEED).

Over the past 20 years, the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has increased markedly, spurring increased attention, speculation and research about the cause. Significant media attention has been given to recently published data on the disorder’s genetic heritability, non-genetic risk factors, and risks associated with SSRI’s, one group of commonly used antidepressant medications (see below for links to recent articles in Time and The New York Times), all of which confirms that both genes and environment matter.

The webinar will be held on Tuesday, July 26 from 1-2 PM EST. Registration and additional information available here .  It’s easy to sign up and be part on this timely and important discussion.


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