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Penn Alumni Club of Philadelphia’s New Facebook Page

Author: Stephanie Yee, C’08

The Penn Alumni Club of Philadelphia recently decided to switch from a Facebook group to a page. I remember when Facebook first started Groups. They were only open to members in the same network, and there was no such thing as “liking.” I was a member of groups such as “John Doe’s Fan Club,” “Penn 08,” and “I went to public school….” I have no idea why John Doe had a Facebook group devoted to him, or why we were talking about public school, but it was cool. When I moved to Penn, I created a group for Penn students from Nevada, so I could meet everyone else from my state. I’m pretty sure there were only 15 of us in the group. Our group photo was the Nevada state flag. Oh, and be sure to pronounce Nevada correctly.

Fast forward several years and groups are a thing of the past. Pages are all the rage. Facebook has changed a lot since I joined in 2004, but I do like the new cover photo feature. Who can resist this awesome photo of Ben on the Bench? Like the Penn Alumni Club of Philadelphia here!



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Alumni Weekend in Tweets

Author: Aimee LaBrie

Have you heard of the latest social networking craze, Storify? Actually, I’m not even sure it’s the newest thing…In fact, at the rate social media is developing, it’s likely considered archaic by now. Nevertheless, it’s still a really a cool way to create a “story” around your social networking components such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, web links, Flckr pages and I think it’s one of the few tools out there that allows you to save and store tweets and Facebook status updates about a certain topic. During Alumni Weekend, we asked people to use the hash tag #PennAW. Click this link to see dozens of comments, retweets, and impromptu photos of the weekend captured by dozens of alumni, staff, and friends of Penn. Here’s a sneak peek of a few of the photos you’ll find:

Weekend Banner

Casey, Your Friendly Staff Golf Cart Driver

Balloon Fun at Kid’s Corner


Getting Ready for the Parade

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