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Counting the Days

Author: Kelly Porter O’Connor

Just this past week, I toured the 24 acre plot of land, soon to be Penn Park.  All I have to say is WOW!  I had viewed renderings and photos online, passed by the site while crossing the Walnut Street bridge, noted progress while sitting in traffic on the Schuylkill; but it wasn’t until I donned a hard hat and walked among the bulldozers and backhoes that I was able to realize the incredible scale of Penn Park.  Just imagine eight College Greens lined up in one area.  There are three large multi-purpose fields, including a softball stadium with built in seating for 200 fans, 12 tennis courts, and open fields throughout the park.

In addition to all these beautiful new green spaces coming to campus, there is a stunning skyline of Philadelphia that can only be viewed from the vantage point of Penn Park.  Soon to be an amazing addition to the University of Pennsylvania campus and the Philadelphia community!  I can’t wait to begin planning events there…

My colleague in event planning, ready to take on the park


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Change is in the Air

Author: Colin Hennessy

On my walk from Center City Philadelphia to Penn this morning, I found myself noticing the increase in activity around the campus. As spring arrives, students are obviously outside much more–jogging, cycling, strolling or  lounging with open books along Hill Field and the Quad.

As I was reminiscing about my own college days and the sudden joy that comes when the sun warms your walk to class, I was brought out of my day-dreaming by the sound of a jack-hammer. You see,  in addition to the personal joys of spring, the warmer weather makes way for construction crews who are working on new buildings and parks.  Projects that were once just architectural drawings are beginning to emerge from out of the muddy ground.

It’s no secret that Penn’s campus is constantly changing and evolving to meet the demands of teaching and learning. At the same time, plans are well underway for new  and improved public spaces. What excites me most is the progress being made on the postal lands – the future home of Penn Park.

Penn Park will serve as a new gateway to University City connecting campus with Center City Philadelphia while also providing lush green space and updated recreation and outdoor activity spaces. Moreover, Penn Park will provide the area with increased storm water mitigation, a long-term plan for carbon reduction, smart land use planning, and increased green space – a sought after luxury at an urban university such as Penn.

Penn Park is one of many examples of how Penn is impacting the world, while starting at home in Philadelphia. I hope you’ll come back to campus soon to see everything that is happening on campus – and make sure to enjoy Penn Park and all it has to offer.

In another year, I imagine my walk to campus will again be transformed as this new initiative and others continue to grow and improve the already amazing campus at Penn.

Plans for Penn Park

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