Penn Traditions: Celebrate, Connect, Inspire

By: Gina Sesta, GEd’18


As a graduate student who did not attend Penn as an undergrad, being selected to work with the Penn Traditions program has been the perfect introduction to the university and its long-standing history. The opportunity has provided me with experiential knowledge of the culture and traditions of Penn and the importance of each one. Managed through the Sweeten Alumni House, the Penn Traditions program is designed to build community on campus, connect students with alumni, and promote a lifelong love of Penn.

The program is segmented into three branches: the Traditions Committee, Class Ambassadors, and Penn Traditions Alumni Engagement Funds or PTAEF. My role works particularly with the Traditions Committee and the 14 students who belong to it. Together, we execute events on campus such as the student section of Quakerfest at Homecoming, Friendsgiving, No Pressure Networking, and more. We seek to engage students across every school and class to promote unity throughout the university and preserve the overall traditions of Penn.


The Penn Tradition Student Section of Quakerfest  –  Homecoming,  Fall 2017


Traditions Committee members at Friendsgiving, November 2017

Throughout the remainder of the academic year, Frankly Penn will be featuring a series of posts written by the members of Traditions Committee. Be sure to check back to learn more about the students and their experiences!

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