Looking forward to the Challenge

Author: Noelle McManus, C’17

As many people might know that read this blog, I was heavily involved in the theater community here at Penn last semester. The last time I spoke about it, I had just been elected to the general board of iNtuitons Experimental theater Company! Well now we are working at lightening speed towards our Spring production! We are performing Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo! This play focuses around two U.S. Marines, and an Iraqi translator as they navigate a world of greed, mystery, and betrayal after running into a recently deceased tiger. The play explores the power and perils of human nature.

I was lucky enough to receive the position of Master Carpenter for this show as well as being Assistant Tech Director. I’m very nervous about Mater Carpenting for this show because I have never done this before. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve helped build sets and I’ve even designed them. But I was never in charge of building and running tech hours. Lucky for me, I have two really great mentors to help me through the process. (And the set isn’t entirely too complex!) The hardest part is going to be building a topiary! The play calls for 5 different animal topiary pieces. But I look forward to the challenge!


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