Author: Michelle Ho, ENG’14

SCUE (Student Committee on Undergraduate Education, the academic branch of student government) is excited to announce the launch of a new interdisciplinary learning platform – oPenned (pronounced “opened”). Think of it like a cross between the best of TEDx and open online learning platforms – oPenned condenses and curates the best of academic-related resources at Penn into one website. Prospective students, current students as well as alumni can go into the website and discover the intellectual gems Penn has to offer.

Discover through tutorials

oPenned offers an interdisciplinary look into different topics – from Food to Astronomy – through curated “tutorials”. As you click through each tutorial, expect to look at different material – from videos to articles – relating to the topic that is pulled from different schools and disciplines at Penn. For example, food is not a conventional topic nor a department at Penn, but professors, students and institutions at Penn have been doing in-depth research and investigation into this topic. You’ll be able to go into oPenned’s Food tutorial and look at it from a psychological, medical as well as historical perspective – all of which stems from Penn-related research and resources.

openned 1

Discover what’s currently on campus

Almost every day at Penn, a lecture or academic discussion of some sort is taking place on campus. oPenned includes a section called “Currently On Campus”, which pulls together videos of interesting speaker events or performing arts shows that have happened on campus. Take a look at the innovative discussions that have been taking place on campus, and be part of the journey of life-long learning.

openned 2

Penn has so, so much to offer, and every day exciting interdisciplinary research is done by Penn faculty and students, giving novel perspectives to longstanding topics such as Journalism and Human Evolution. This wealth of knowledge doesn’t just stop after graduation – and oPenned provides an easy way to connect back to academic discussions that are happening on Penn’s campus. SCUE hopes that oPenned will become a hub for intellectual community at Penn, and that students, faculty and alumni will be able to utilize it to engage with Penn continually.

Happy Exploring!

Check out SCUE’s website ( and follow us on Twitter (@PennSCUE) to stay up to date on the latest projects SCUE members are getting involved with to enhance the academic experience at Penn.


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