Penn Student, Again!

Author: Lillian Gardiner, MSEd’11, Program Director, Institute for Law & Economics, University of Pennsylvania Law School

When I finished my Master’s program, I thought I’d never go back to school. But after a very short period of time, I actually found myself missing the classroom and having a teacher.


Now, I’m taking my first class as an alumna (and Penn staff member) and am still amazed that this is one of the benefits included in being a graduate of Penn.

As alumni, we can take courses through Penn’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies. There’s a wide variety of course offerings, with many classes offered in the evenings.

I’m currently enrolled in the Sociology of Bioethics, taught by Collette Joyce. The goal of the course is “to understand the nature of the bioethics profession and its modes of argumentation, and to explore the cultural, social, political, and professional underpinnings of bio-ethical debates.” Class meets for three hours once a week on the evening. The readings have been challenging but manageable with my work commitments. I love  being back in a classroom, learning for the sake of learning and not worrying about my grade.

If you’re local, hopefully you can take advantage of this option at some point. See you in class!


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