Conquering Feb Club

Author: Kayleigh Smoot, C’13

As most of you may know, February is a very special month for seniors at Penn. The first of the February marked the beginning of a month long slew of different social events every day for the class of 2013, also known as Feb Club. Most of the senior class sees it as an opportunity to bond with classmates they otherwise would never interact with one final time or as a way to get free or discounted stuff. I, however, saw Feb Club as a rite of passage. I had been looking forward to February 2013 approximately around my spring semester junior year. I knew that it would take a lot of determination, time, and energy to attend every event but I was dead set on winning.

So, on February 1, I trekked down to XFinity Live for the kickoff event with my best friends and began my Feb Club journey. Every senior was given a Feb Club card, graciously donated by the Penn Club of New York, in order to mark how many events they had attended in order to tally prizes. If one made it to every event, they would not only win the entire assortment of prizes, they would also get their named engraved on a special plaque at Smokey Joe’s, the extremely popular “Pennstitution” that most seniors attend on a regular basis to grab drinks with friends and classmates.



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