The Red & Blue

Author: Liz Pinnie

I’m not a particularly big fan of khakis.  It might have to do with the fact that from the ages of seven to seventeen my only “casual wear” pants were khakis.  Yes, I dressed like a mom.  No, it did not help my social status.  When I (read: my friends) finally forced myself to put on a pair of jeans in an attempt at social rectification, I discovered that jeans were 1. not nearly as tragically uncomfortable as previously assumed and 2. The Best Thing Ever.  Since these discoveries, I have been a practicing Non-Khaki-Wearer.

However, Penn’s Homecoming Weekend featuring arts & culture might just change all of this.

With Homecoming on the horizon, I can’t help but get a little Penn-giddy.  I’m excited for the heart thumping beats of the Penn Band, the shouts of the cheerleaders, and the vibrant crowds of alumni and their families. At the risk of sounding a bit shallow, I’m also terribly excited for the outfits.  At every Penn event I’ve attended, I’ve become more and more impressed with the massively creative Red & Blue wardrobes that our alumni pull out.

As someone who loves colors, looking up Locust Walk and seeing the rich reds and bright blues, the boaters, the madras, all surrounded by the yellows from the leaves on the trees, is a real treat.  However, it isn’t just my love of outfits, or color, or fashion blogs that makes this vision so enjoyable to me.  Rather it’s what these sometimes over the top outfits mean: our Penn Alumni are proud of Penn, and they want to show their pride in any and all ways possible.

So I’ve decided that this is my year to join in.  After work today, I’m headed on a quest for the most ridiculously vibrant red or blue pants to couple with a nice Penn rugby, which I plan on topping off with a classic Penn scarf.  Too much?  Never!  When there’s Penn Pride, you might as well show it.

Hope to see you all this weekend, for some serious Red & Blue.


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  1. I love this post! You know I will be decked out in red and blue this weekend! 🙂

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