The Class of 2016 Comes to Penn

Author:  Amanda D’Amico

With more than 2,400 members, getting the Class of 2016 together is no easy task. There are only three events in their collegiate careers that will include all their classmates—convocation, Hey Day, and commencement.  On Sept. 4, 2012, the Class of 2016 was determined to make the best of the first of these three events, despite flash flood warnings and heavy rains.

Students from the College, Wharton, Engineering and Nursing crowded into the historic Palestra. Four of the most prominent members of the Penn community—Eric J. Furda, C’87, dean of admissions; Penn President Amy Gutmann, HOM’04; Provost Vincent Price, HOM’98; and Lee Spelman Doty, W’76, president of Penn Alumni—greeted the newest members of the Penn community.

These new Quakers are among the most distinguished classes in Penn’s history. With outstanding SAT and ACT scores, excellent high school grades and many extracurricular and philanthropic activities, the class is a welcomed addition to the Penn community—and will surely challenge each other and members of other Penn classes.

Doty noted that the academic and social communities the members of the Class of 2016 build will likely last the rest of their lives. And when she told each student to look at the people sitting next to him, because he may find that these individuals will be in the rest of their lives, the previously quiet stadium grew noisy as excited students introduced themselves to one another.

Convocation is only the beginning for these students, and a lot will change before they all meet again for Hey Day in 2015. Tests will be taken, papers will be written, and Spring Flings will be flung. In the next four years, these students will face challenges and grow tremendously. And judging by their excitement during a hot, sweaty night in the Palestra, they’re ready for it.

You can view images from the day’s event here.


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