Penn Puppies are Here…

Author: Aimee LaBrie

I don’t know if you are aware of this new item, but Penn Vet’s Working Dog Center has a new Puppy Foundation Program. Their mission is to train dogs to work as assistants for humans, as well as to take on other significant roles. As their website explains:

A working dog is a highly and specifically trained canine that performs unique and critical tasks to benefit humans and society.

Historically, working dogs have served as messenger dogs during war time; as helpmates to farmers in the fields; as a helping hand to people with disabilities; and as patrol dogs protecting the ports and entryways to our nation. Detection dogs, sometimes called “sniffer dogs”, are those that use their sense of smell to identify particular odors (such as explosives, drugs or lost people).  In addition, new research is illustrating a dog’s ability to identify infectious diseases (such as Salmonella) and even cancer.

The depth and breadth of what these amazing canines can do is limitless and ensure our lives are better and safer.

And here is a visual preview of what these little dogs might wear one day:

Almost criminally adorable.

On their Facebook page, they’ve been introducing some of the puppies who belong to the new class of 2013 in the program. Meet Morgan.

He’s a male Labrador Retriever who I’m sure would like to chuck it all and come live with me. He was named in honor of Morgan Johnson (Handler Katrene Johnson) who deployed to the Staten Island Landfill following the attacks of 9/11.

You can see the full class of puppies by visiting the website. Happy Thursday!


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