Beat the Heat, Sweeten Edition

Author: Liz Pinnie

It’s summer in Philly, which means two things: 1. that Rita’s Water Ice consumption is up, and 2. that it is HOT as a just-baked biscuit in here!

In honor of this, I have asked my lovely co-workers to share some tips with myself (and thus all of you) about how they beat the heat during the work week**.

Ms. Marla Brown is full of great ideas (she’s an island fan, so she has lots of experience with 90 + temperatures) which include, but are not limited to, drinking lots of water, wearing natural fibers, focusing on cool thoughts- and using her vacation days, of course.

Janell has her fans set up to the perfect angle for maximum all day breeze blowing.  She also finds that nagging Liz (me) about the second floor temperatures is fun, and makes her feel in some small way, a little cooler.

One co-worker who shall remain nameless finds that the best thing you can do to beat the heat in the office is to wear next to nothing.  What can I say?  Sweeten is a fairly liberal place.

On the other side of the second floor, Kelly says “I would make frequent trips to Kiwi, but since I’ve been healthy for two days, I can’t.   So instead I go home and water my flowers and my feet”.  What a brilliant alternative, Kelly!

Members of the third floor find that a visit to me on the first floor does the trick, as it is a veritable tundra down here (ah, the joys of historic buildings).

And what do I do, you might ask?  I’m a big fan of sticking my head in the freezer for a few minutes.  I also find that if I eat something really hot and spicy for lunch, when I’m done the whole world feels a little cooler.

So there you have it, folks: Sweeten’s top survival tips for staying cool during the work week while stuck in the city heat.  Now go get some Rita’s (you know you want to).

**If any of you have been on the second and third floor of Sweeten, you’ll understand the irony.


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