Travel as a Currency of Freedom

Author: Lisa Ellen Niver, CAS’89

Today, George and I depart for our second “big trip.” Four years ago, we left in July 2008 for an eleven-month journey with very limited plans. I was so nervous. We leave this time with so much more experience in our relationship, our travel styles and our knowledge of each other’s dreams.

“Traveling is one way of lengthening life,” according to Benjamin Franklin. When I was at Penn, I always marveled at Benjamin Franklin’s life. He did so many different things from politics to inventing and was also a traveler. I would like to chase as many of my dreams and inventions as Benjamin Franklin did and I know while we are traveling I will have time to explore many new places and cultures.

Our adventure begins in Bali, Indonesia the largest archipelago on the planet. We plan to visit the Toggian Islands of Sulawesi and the Banda Islands. I cannot wait to go snorkeling in the clear blue waters and relax on the gorgeous beaches. We promise to send photos and videos if there is Internet and electricity! Sign up for our newsletter and get an email from us twice a month with our latest news! You can always check our website for our latest posts.

As Andrew Evans says in Ben Franklin, Traveler:  Benjamin Franklin’s example [to us all]: a patriot is someone who travels and broadens their minds through travel.

I wish you a Happy Independence Day and I hope to follow his example and use these travels as a tool for learning, to enhance my teaching and to share it all with you.


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