Tweetin’ Sweeten

Author: Liz Pinnie

Many of us spend our days sitting at a desk in front of the computer.  If you’re like me, every once in a while, you need to re-charge your batteries.  To do this, I often look on the Internet to get re-inspired; if you do the same, you know that there is no shortage of inspiration on the web!

One of my favorite things to do is check out the people I follow on Twitter.  There is nothing like 140 characters worth of silly/helpful/interesting to get me revved up and ready to put my nose to the grindstone.  Because of this interest, I recently started tweeting for our Alumni Twitter handle, which has been a fun challenge.  Because I have a weird love for categories, we decided that my Tweets should follow a set of hashtags for the week.

They are as follows:

#MuseumMondays          Highlights of the many fantastic exhibits happening at the museums around Penn’s campus.

#TriviaTuesday                Tidbits of trivia about both Penn and the Alumni office.

#WestPhillyWednesday  News about what’s going on in our amazing and vibrant neighborhood.

#ThrowbackThursday       Archived photos from vintage Penn- there are some awesome shots!

#WeekendRoundup           Our favorites for what’s happening both at Penn and in Philly for the weekend.

So, if you find yourself needing to press the refresh button at work, or are just looking for some interesting information about Penn or Philly, check us out on Twitter @Pennalumni or @yPennalumni!


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