Get Ready…

Author: Liz Pinnie

Step onto campus this week, and you will feel a frenetic energy in the air.  The reasons are four-fold (is that even a phrase?  No?  Well, at Penn it should be, because that’s what’s happening).

Fold 1: Exam Week

That’s right.  It’s Exam Week for all underclassmen.  My stomach is tying in knots just thinking about this.  At Penn, the students typically look like a million bucks.  Seriously- I consistently feel like I’m in a catalogue shoot for Collegiate Fun Magazine (this actually does not exist, but should).  However, during this week, I learned that Penn students actually are regular college kids: sweatpants, mussed hair, glasses akimbo, patches of dried mustard on their cheeks, etc.  On the one hand, I’m really happy to know this. On the other hand, I feel for you guys; stay strong, keep fighting the good fight, and when in doubt, go for a Red Eye at Starbucks!  Frenetic Energy Level (FEL, on a scale of 1-10): 9.5

Fold 2: Last Week of College for Class of 2012

OMG.  Last. Week. Of. College. Ever.  Some of you probably just want to get the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of here, some of you wish it could go on forever.  I will tell you this: if you are in group one, congratulations.  College is done, and if you ever start to feel nostalgic, just come back to your reunion!  If you are in group two, don’t even worry about it. You are allowed to behave like you are still in college for at least the next three years.  When you hit twenty-six, you should probably stop re-living the glory days.  Until then, grab your bros, don your Red & Blue, and have fun continuing to live the dream minus the homework. Frenetic Energy Level: 5 .  VOT (Verge of Tears) Level: 11.6

Fold 3: Commencement Prep

The parents are coming!  The parents are coming!  Much like the Redcoats of yore, parents are on their way to take over campus- and are probably also wearing inordinate amounts of red. Flowers are being planted, chairs are being set up, lampposts painted, and across campus students are “cleaning up” (read: shoving things under beds).  FEL: 8.2

Fold 4: Alumni Weekend in 2 Days

WHOA.  That’s kind of all I have to say.  Maybe it’s because I’m in the middle of the storm (yes, I am the one who answers the phone calls in the office), maybe it’s because we have over 2,000 people pre-registered for the weekend, maybe it’s because I drank too much coffee- whatever it is, it’s straight up nutty.  FEL: 15.4 

Despite the craziness, people seem to be pumped: to see classmates, to finish exams, to get free T-shirts, to see the fruition of the events they’ve been planning on for months, to get a diploma. The Frenetic Energy Levels are high, but this I can tell you: come Friday, it’s all going to be worth it, because this Commencement/Alumni Weekend is going to be great! 


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