Where is the LOVE Statue?

Author: Aimee LaBrie

Actually, that should be “How is the LOVE statue?”  or “What happened to the LOVE statue?” Because one may have noticed, if one were not too tired from the weekend and not just having her first hot sip of much-needed coffee while stumbling down Locust Walk, that the LOVE statue has been slightly altered since we last checked in.

To wit:

Here’s what the popular, student-run blog, Under the Button has to say about it:

Spotted early this morning amidst College Green was a newly rainbow-hued LOVE statue. According to our sources, the makeover, touted as a “public art installation,” may be the first of many Cubic Street Art projects. Maybe it has to do with our school’s gay-friendly status? Perhaps.

If you have the inside scoop, let us know.



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2 responses to “Where is the LOVE Statue?

  1. Lisa Marie

    Great photo!

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