Super Bowl Ad Highlights: 1937 Class Yearbook

Author: Leigh Ann P.

Every year, people go bonkers for Super Bowl ads.  Which one was your favorite from last night?  I have a few favorite ads of my own – but they are from the sponsors of the 1937 Penn yearbook.  They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

I really love the sharp, Don Draper character in this one.  One thing to note about advertising in this period of history is the extraneous use of quotation marks.

Check out the prices on class rings from 75 years ago.  For the price of a 1937 silver ring, in 2012 you can get a basic lunch at Bobby’s Burger Palace on Walnut St.

Dude, your hair is falling.  You should check out the Pennsylvania Barber Shop.

I don’t know what these clowns are selling, but whatever it is, I’m buying it.

This one is my favorite.  As it turns out, in 1937, whiskey was not only honest, but also good for your judgment.

We look forward to welcoming the Class of 1937 back to Penn this spring for their 75th reunion!


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