All Penn, All the Time

Author: Amanda D’Amico

As a staff member at Wharton External Affairs, I write for two Penn blogs: Frankly Penn (obviously) and the Wharton Blog Network. Since both are official Penn blogs, I started to wonder how many others are out there. As it turns out, the answer is a lot. Here are just a few of the ones I found:

–          Institute of Contemporary Art

–          Making History: The Campaign for Penn

–          Making the Rounds: Perelman School of Medicine

–          Penn & Beyond: Career Services

–          Penn Design MFA Forum

–          Penn Gazette

–          Penn Gazette: Arts

–          Penn Medicine

–          Penn Museum

–          Penn Press Log

–          RegBlog: Penn Program on Regulation

–          University Life Arts Initiatives

–          WXPN


But this only led to further research. If there’s that many blogs, how many official Penn micro-blogs (i.e. Twitter feeds) are there out there?  The simple answer: more. There are so many more feeds, in fact, that I can’t list them all. But here are a few Twitter lists (Twitlists) that will help point you in the direction of Penn’s extensive Twitter presence:

–          Daily Pennsylvania’s “Penn”

–          Penn Alumni’s “Univ of Penn”

–          Penn Law School’s “Penn”

–          Wharton Digital Press’s “Wharton Affiliates”

With so many options, it seems that news from Penn could be overwhelming. Of course, you could narrow your focus to only the schools or subjects of interest. But by following multiple Penn feeds on Twitter and reading multiple Penn blogs, you’ll be able to receive all the news about the University. Social media gives you the unique opportunity to read all things Penn, all the time!

Happy re-tweeting!


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