A Resolution Revisited

Author: Lisa V. C’02, GEd’10

With the holiday season fading into the rear-view mirror, I find myself facing my annual conundrum:  to resolve or not to resolve. There is certainly a part of me that appreciates the opportunity to commit myself to an area of self-improvement each year in the form of a New Years resolution.  I suppose its the appeal of starting from scratch, of wiping the slate clean of abandoned past resolutions and giving myself another chance.  But then I remember all those abandoned resolutions and find myself becoming discouraged before I even get started.  So this year, I’m trying a new twist.  Rather than focusing on a part of my life with which I’m less than satisfied, my resolution is to celebrate the part for which I am most appreciative: my incredible network of family and friends.  And I’ll start today by recognizing the amazing – and totally crazy – group of people I work with here in the Sweeten Alumni House.  As I come back to work after 3 months of maternity leave, I’m more grateful than ever for the support and inspiration I get from these folks every day!

So, what’s your New Years resolution?


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