Oops Paint

Nicole Oddo: C’05

Yes, “oops paint. ” What is it and how do I know so much about it?

First, it’s a Home Depot paint that’s been mixed for a customer, but has been returned or wasn’t wanted after all. They sell at a fraction of the cost ($5-7 a gallon versus like $20+ a gallon).

Secondly, (and, more importantly), why do I know this?  I frequent Home Depot.  For better or for worse, I’m a homeowner.  While the house gives me plenty of joy, my move-in ready house requires an endless punch list of smallish projects.  Hence, a LOT of trips to Home Depot (I’ve actually come to like the place).  I have learned how to use a drill (let’s not discuss just how long it took to get my curtains up).  I have become skilled in selecting lighting and trying to explain myself to an electrician (I now have knowledge of three way switches).  And I have really taken on painting.

A few weekends ago, I decided December would be my chance to work on the basement (I had spent the day before Homecoming painting the deck).  I had been hunting for good colors on the “Oops “paint rack (go here for far more detailed instructions about painting than I would write), and FINALLY, I was successful.  I found a cheery yellow for the basement room, a plain white for the stairwell, a tan for the hallway, and a grey for the floor. Nothing changes a room more than paint. It was a good basement but it could be so much more appealing if I fixed it up (stay tuned for how I am going to attempt flooring in January).

Painting is physically a lot of work, but it’s really rewarding.  So many of the challenges I take on at work are abstract and take a long time to see results (like hiring law students to be lawyers in the distant future).  With painting, I have the chance to see a room or space transformed.  While I still have work to go, my basement is going to be the new focal point of my house tour.  Now, if I can just get to finally having a housewarming party…


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  1. This is a great idea. I always check the oops shelves when I go in stores like Home Depot or Walmart. Never know when you’ll get a good find!

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