Two Television Talk Show Hosts Support Penn Men’s Basketball

Author: Stephanie Y., C08

There are few things I like about winter. Cold weather and icy roads? No, thank you. Penn Men’s Basketball? YES, PLEASE! The team brought home a win from the season opener at UMBC, and they almost beat Temple in overtime in the home opener. Boy, that game was exciting! The team looked great, and the crowd welcomed the two new scoreboards in the Palestra. Before the Temple game began, Tony Kornheiser, P’08, appeared on the new big screen to make a few announcements. Yes, Tony Kornheiser. The same Tony Kornheiser who has a Quaker bobblehead behind him on his ESPN set. Kornheiser’s son played Men’s Golf at Penn. Hence, the Quaker bobblehead.

Tony Kornheiser, P’08

I was so excited to see Kornheiser on the big screen supporting Penn basketball, and I assumed the same video message would be played before each game. Now fast forward to the home game against Robert Morris. Before the game began, Maury Povich, C’62, appeared on the big screen wearing a red Penn t-shirt and holding a basketball. MAURY! I love that guy! I briefly sat next to him at a Penn Men’s basketball game in 2009, and now he’s back to cheer on the Quakers from the big screen.

Maury Povich, C’62

Earlier this year, Maury donated $1 million to the Kelly Writers House to establish the Povich Fund for Journalism Programs, and now he is at the Palestra showing his support for Penn Athletics. I love seeing alumni give back to the Penn community! I can’t wait to see who makes an appearance on the big screen tonight at the Penn vs. Wagner game. Hope to see you there at 7 PM! GO QUAKERS!


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