PSA is Looking for Alumni

Author: Ali Berryman, GSE’12

Over in Williams Hall, the men and women of Penn Student Agencies are working hard to serve the Penn community and we love every minute of it.  But there is something missing… a void in our hearts. Where are our alumni?  Where is the man who designed the Penn Calendar in 1994? Who is the woman who thought up the idea of laundry delivery?  Where are the people who spent countless hours working on these small businesses so that hundreds of students would continue to have jobs years down the road?

Alumni, we are looking for you!

Maybe you were a barista, or the manager of Promotional Programs, or maybe you delivered The New York Times to dorm rooms.  Whatever your job, we want to meet you. We want to hear about your experiences and share with you how PSA is now. Perhaps you have some good ideas or tips for our students.

On Friday, November 4, 2011 at 6 PM in Houston Hall, we will have a dinner for all people who have ever been associated with PSA to celebrate the organization and the fabulous people who have given so much to ensure the success of the businesses. We will also be holding a penny (loose change) drive for the non-profit that is near and dear to the heart of several PSAers, Back on My Feet.

If you can’t make the event, please get in touch with us! We’d be happy to send you newsletters and invite you to other events.

All RSVP’s for this event to be held during Homecoming Weekend featuring arts and culture can come directly to me, Ali Berryman (PSA Graduate Assistant) at


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