Ode to the Penn Bookstore Card Section in Paintbrush

Author: Leigh Ann P.

I have been receiving birthday cards for nearly 30 years now, and I have been receiving “Wow, you’re old” birthday cards since I turned 22.  Twenty-two!  You know the ones I’m talking about.  “You’re old. You sag. You forget everything. Getting old equals bad.”  I get it!  Thanks for the card!  Anyone who knows me knows I would hate giving these as much as I hate receiving them, which is why I become so frustrated at a certain drug store whose card selection features only those of the “Jeez, you have gray hair and wrinkles now.  Because it’s your birthday and you’re old.  Amazing.” – variety. 

I have exhausted every lovable cartoon character I can find in order not to offend those close to me, because those cards are generally pretty innocuous and readily available.  Snoopy.  Scooby.  Sleepy, Happy, Dopey.  Mickey.  Buzz Lightyear.  But when you find yourself searching for a card for your mother-in-law’s birthday and you’re stuck between a pink, glittery Princess Jasmine card and one about an overabundance of ear hair, you may be treading on dangerous ground.

This is why I love the Penn Bookstore! (I’m not working for them, even though I keep plugging them!).  Funny, yet inoffensive cards!  Thoughtful, but not gag-inducing!  Glamorous and grown-up!  Thank you, Penn Bookstore, for never letting this Penn employee (or her mother-in-law) down.

A very pretty, very simple birthday card for a Mom in your life.



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3 responses to “Ode to the Penn Bookstore Card Section in Paintbrush

  1. Nicole M

    LOL@”Mean Cards Inc.” I love your “Odes to Penn in Paintbrush” series. Hope you keep these coming.

  2. The best birthday card I ever received was sent to me by my father when I was a student at Penn. It was not mean and I still laugh when I think of it. The front of the card was an American flag with the words: “The President and I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday . . .” and inside the card the message continued: ” . . . but only I took the time to send you a card!.”

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