My Ten Penn List: Bookstore Gifts for the Holidays

Author:  Casey Ryan, C’95

I’m assuming that most of you, like me, are in the middle of holiday shopping.  I’m busily trying to get all of my gifts sooner rather than later .  However, I eschew the malls and do most of my shopping on-line.  Usually, I get free shipping on my purchases or I find some good discount codes on Retail Me Not. When my packages arrive, our front desk receptionist will buzz me or e-mail me to let me know and it’s like I’m the one who is receiving the gift as I knock one more name off my long list.

To balance out my on-line purchases, I will venture out into our little neighborhood in West Philly and visit the nice little shopping area along Walnut Street.   There’s Douglas (for Mom), GAP (for my nephew and niece), American Apparel (for my friends) and CVS (for wrapping paper and cards!)  Lest I forget, there’s also the Penn Bookstore.  Luckily for me, my brother and sister-in-law are Proud Penn Alumni (C’99 and GEN’06, respectively) and my folks (including a CGS’97 alumna) still love wearing Penn gear.

Here are my choices for Penn-themed gifts at the bookstore. I’ve including the link to each item since you probably can’t just hop down to campus for a quick purchase.  Though, you can order it on-line and have it mailed to your office.  When your receptionist buzzes you, you can feel as good as I do when the mail comes.

Remember the Penn Bookstore Official Site is a Barnes and Noble site. Many B&N coupons, gift cards and promo codes can be applied to your purchase.

10. Alta Gracia Hoodie for $27.73
There’s nothing like a good hoodie to have around the house for a lazy day of watching movies or snuggling up with a good book.

9. Storm Duds Large Golf Umbrella for $28.98
I love a golf umbrella to keep me dry on a rainy day.  Though I don’t play, I appreciate the cover it provides.

8. Penn Gear Polar Fleece Full Zip Jacket for $33.73
A fleece is a good choice in jackets. It can be warm separately or paired up with a windbreaker or a vest when it’s colder out.

7. Penn Legacy Adjustable Twill Hat for $19.98
I love a good, simple split P hat to wear.  I wear it everywhere – to sporting functions, on road trips and out Holiday shopping when I forgot that I’m avoiding the malls.

6. Penn Men’s Wristwatch with Leather Strap (or Women’s) for $109.98
Keep the time with Penn on your wrist.  Stylish and functional, it keeps in line with Franklin’s appreciation of the most useful and the most ornamental

5. Penn Foam Basketball for $14.98
For a less serious gift, a foam basketball is a great toy for the future Penn student as well as young at heart alumnus or alumna.

4. Penn Business Card Holder for $42.98
Tasteful and reserved, this card holder exhibits Penn Pride in a confident manner.  I know there’s a Princeton joke that I could make here about how orange isn’t reserved.  However, I’ll be nice; it is the holidays.

3. Varsi-Tee Blanket for $124.98
I think that this is a great and different Penn accessory… so much so that I want this! So, Mom or Dad, if you’re reading, I would love to open this up when we exchange presents…

2. Penn Hydro Nalgene Bottle for $32.98
Be green and health-conscience in one fell swoop.  Let everyone at the gym know that you went to Penn.

1. Penn Yikes! Rolled T-Shirt for $14.99
A gift for all budgets, this Penn T-shirt is comfortable and durable.  Choose your favorite color and almost literally wear your Penn Pride on your sleeve.

So, those are my seasonal Penn-related recommendations. I would love to hear other ideas from those of you who have started your holiday shopping early this year.



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3 responses to “My Ten Penn List: Bookstore Gifts for the Holidays

  1. And, if you’re in town, everything in the Penn book store is 20% off today…

  2. WHAT!!! I’m obviously stopping by the Penn Bookstore after work! Thanks for the info, Aimee!

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