Big Dade on Campus (BDOC)

Author: Emily Siegel

Each year high school students flood the campus in the summer months to determine if Penn might be a good college fit for them.  As a top-notch research university it comes as no surprise the campus receives thousands of visitors each year, but it appears that Penn’s popularity knows no boundaries.  In a first for the University, Penn has officially garnered interest from the canine persuasion as well!

In a recent visit, Daedelus (“Dade” for short) dropped in to learn more about this great place.  Not wanting to discriminate based on fur; we gave him the royal treatment, showing him all that Penn has to offer!

So, we took him to where it all started – Ben Franklin.  He seemed quite impressed.

Dade and Ben are Friends

And any visit to Penn isn’t complete without a stroll down Locust Walk.

The sun-dappled Locust Walk

He loved all of the artwork on campus, especially the LOVE Statue and Peace Sign.

Totally Peaceful


He was particularly impressed by the architecture of the campus buildings, noting the Castle as one of his favorites.

The Castle and Dade

He marveled when told about Penn’s impressive alumni community.  He really thought it was cool that Charles Addams, the creator of The Addams Family, went to Penn too.   Although he admits he was a little hesitant about being walked by Morticia.

Addams Family

Being Walked by One of the Hands on The Gates

After all that walking, he needed a break.


After the tour, he had a chance to sit down with Steve  from PAARC and have all of his questions answered.

Dade and Steve Discuss Dade's Future at Penn

We think it’s fair to say he seemed to really appreciate the special attention he was given during his visit. And we loved having him!



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4 responses to “Big Dade on Campus (BDOC)

  1. Dade's Mom

    Dade was very pleased with his visit and is excited to apply to Penn!

  2. Elizabeth K.

    This post is amazing! I miss Dade!

  3. Please bring him back again soon…

  4. Nicole M

    The shot with the peace sign is adorable! I also like that your dog prefers bottled water when lunching with AR staff 🙂

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