Alumni Photos from Around the World

By Kiera R.

Each year, the Penn Alumni Travel program offers trips that send alumni all over the world. We often send a Penn representative on our trips, and ask our colleagues to take photos of the journey. Our travelers also bring their cameras as well. It’s always fun when you return from a trip to review your own photos as well as the other moments and scenes. This year we decided to ask our travelers for their favorite photos and enter our photo contest. The question was how to decide which photos were the best? Our Penn colleagues who have hosted trips in the past were asked to vote on their favorites. The categories were culture, nature, people and places.

We received some wonderful photos, and our judges enjoyed reviewing them, although they had a hard time picking their favorites.

Here are some of the entries in culture:

Katherine Converse, CW’63, CGS’95, submitted this photo from an Egypt trip

Ron, GR’70, and Marilyn, G’68, Slivka sent in this photo of culture:

Mark Whitcher, C’93, found some culture in Antarctica

Our judges selected Sue Endy’s photo of weaving from Lima, Peru as the winner in the culture category:

In our Nature category, Kate O’Neill recorded some bad weather in Rome

And Bruce Endy, C’66, caught a napping iguana in the Galapagos

But our judges couldn’t get over the zebras in the photo from Richard Vernick, C’63

In the places category, we enjoyed this photo from Adele Greenspun, ED’60, of the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt

Ron, GR’70, and Marilyn, G’68, Slivka sent in this photo from Morocco

But Rachel Wagman’s, C’93, photo from Tanzania took home the prize

In our people category, Sonya Fry entered this photo from the Danube River cruise last summer

Donna Glace included this group shot of Penn travelers at Peterhof Palace outside of St. Petersburg

And Penn professors Jennifer, C’91, and Joe, C’89, GR’96, Wegner sent in this photo of their son Alexander from Egypt

Peggy Weymouth won for her photo of this child in Petra, Jordan

Finally, Janelle Wiseley and I were tasked with choosing the grand prize winning photo. Our unanimous selection was this photo of Quito, Ecuador from Christine Turk.

You can see all of our prize winning photos and photo entries b y visiting our photo contest page here.

And, we will be asking for entries again for trips this year, so if you haven’t joined us on a trip yet this year, we hope you do. There are many beautiful pictures waiting to be taken! See our remaining 2011 trip schedule at


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