The Competitive Beast Within

Author: Leigh Ann Preston

The energy and competitive nature of Penn students infiltrates every aspect of campus life – from being at the top of one’s chemistry class to being in the front of the line at the salad bar at Houston Hall – and Sweeten Alumni House is no different.

We compete with ourselves for record-breaking event attendance year after year at Alumni Weekend and Homecoming.  We compete with previous years’ staff retreat committees to see who can come up with a more fun retreat theme.  We compete with peer institutions’ alumni clubs to see who has more active alumni globally.  Our staff also competes in NCAA tournament brackets, celebrity gossip leagues, and unreasonable workout challenges, but that’s another post for another time.  Even the naming of this blog became a competition for a Starbucks gift card.  Unfortunately, my suggestion, “Quake ‘n’ Bake” was not met with the enthusiasm I expected.

The latest competition of note is among each reunion class’s registration numbers in anticipation of Alumni Weekend 2011.  I so enjoy watching our attendance climb each week, seeing which class is surging ahead of the others.  In 2010, the 30th reunion set record numbers for a 30th reunion at Penn thanks to tireless publicity and teamwork, and the 5th reunion had more people than any other reunion, ever!  As of this writing, the 70th reunion has more registrants than the 15th.  The Class of 1941 is ready to go!

Below is an artist’s rendering of alumni competitiveness.


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