Why I Love the Penn Bookstore

Author: Aimee LaBrie

I am a creature of habit. Every single morning, I buy my coffee at the same place: the Penn bookstore on 36th and Walnut. It’s actually more a matter of laziness in some aspects; I arrive on campus from the 36th Street trolley stop, so I almost can’t avoid the bookstore. But I also love books, and I love that they change the displays all the time, so you there’s always something new to see, some new book I didn’t know about or a new cat calendar or a Penn t-shirt I’ve never seen before.

I like the possibility inherent in these things–maybe one day I actually will read a nonfiction book about bears (unlikely, but I like that I could). Look, look how bright and shiny it is. And they have everything. I actually bought my rain boots at the bookstore one rainy day when I was walking around in wet socks.

The other thing I like about the bookstore is the coffee staff. There’s one girl who works there and she knows that I always order a large coffee with room. Often, she sees me before I see her and the coffee is waiting for me when I arrive at the counter. They’re also generous with their coffee cards. You only need to buy 10 drinks, and you get a free one–of any kind. That means that technically, I can have a free mocha latte with a shot of vanilla every two weeks. Except that I also am a hoarder, and so I squirrel away finished coffee cards should the day arrive that I have no money at all. This same person also only ever charges me for a grande coffee. ALSO, the Starbucks coffee costs less there; I don’t know why, but it does. So, I’m saving like 14 cents a week. Hey, it adds up. And lastly, it’s the one of the few places in the world where two of my very favorite things converge: coffee and celebrity gossip. What more could you ask for?

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